What is a Humidity Pack and How Will it Help Me Store Weed?

Storing cannabis products and medical marijuana is not as easy as putting it in a drawer. This is especially true if you want to keep it fresh; you have to store weed correctly. People using medical marijuana usually receive a certain amount at a time. It often must last them up to a week before they are allowed to get more. To maintain its integrity and efficacy, there are some guidelines for storing your marijuana.

Four main factors influence the optimal storage of marijuana. They are temperature, light, humidity, and air flow.

  1. Temperature

If you store your marijuana at high temperatures, there is a risk of mildew or mold developing. These contaminants thrive at temperatures between 77F and 86F (25C and 30C). If they get into your marijuana supply, you’ll have to destroy it.

All its medicinal benefits will be destroyed by mildew and mold. To this end, marijuana should be stored at a cool temperature. If you are taking your marijuana out with you, explore packaging options that allow temperatures to remain cool.

  1. Light

The UV rays of the sun are as harmful to cannabis as they are to your skin. If you expose your marijuana to too much light, it causes degradation of the product. Avoid direct sunlight when selecting a place to keep your marijuana. You can also consider using packaging that prevents UV rays from reaching the contents.

  1. Humidity

This is a critical factor in marijuana storage. If you allow your marijuana to be exposed to too much humidity, it encourages the growth of mildew. Excessive humidity also deprives the marijuana of its color, aroma, and flavor. Experts suggest that the optimum humidity for the storage of marijuana is from 59% to 63% RH (relative humidity).

  1. Airflow

If you expose your marijuana to too much air, it degrades it more quickly. However, if it is exposed to too little air, it starts to increase the relative humidity. Airtight containers are recommended for storage of marijuana.

While the temperature, light, and airflow are quite easy to control when storing marijuana, relative humidity is not. If you live in a humid environment, there is not much you can do to control the relative humidity. This is where a humidity pack can make the difference.

A humidity pack is placed in the marijuana container to keep the humidity at optimal levels and prevent it from degradation. There are a variety of products on the market. You can get humidity packs for different product types. If you’re shopping for humidity packs for marijuana, look at those made for herbal medicines. They work very well for keeping the humidity levels stable around your marijuana.

A humidity pack is designed to release moisture into the air around it or draw moisture out of the air around it. It is called a two-way humidity control product. When you put the humidity control pack into the container, it gets to work immediately. It will not last forever, however.

Depending on the size of the humidity pack, the volume of the container, and how often the humidity pack is exposed to air, it can last from 2 months up to a year. Keep an eye on it and replace it when it becomes dry or crispy. Humidity packs last longer if you use more than one at a time. There’s no need to worry as a humidity pack cannot over-humidify or under-humidify your marijuana.

Humidity packs work better when they are exposed to as little air as possible. That’s why it is recommended that when you use a humidity pack, you do so in an airtight container. You can buy humidity packs in a variety of sizes. The size you choose depends on the volume of your container.

The contents of a humidity pack are safely stored inside the sachet. They cannot come into direct contact with your marijuana unless you make a deliberate effort to do so. They are safe to use and have no effect whatsoever on the user.

Dispensaries that wish to offer a full-service approach to their customers stock medical marijuana bottles, pop-top bottles, and custom cannabis packaging options. It is advisable that your budtenders are trained on the various packaging options and accessories needed to store marijuana safely. They can then advise consumers and offer them products that will help them.

Your consumers should be given a variety of choices to store weed. Their storage needs are as unique as they are. In addition, first-time users should be informed about the factors that affect marijuana storage and how to mitigate them. This guidance and support will make them loyal to your dispensary and guarantee you repeat business. If you have the necessary products in the dispensary and can demonstrate them to the consumer, you’ll make easy sales.

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