The Best Cannabis Concentrate Containers

Assorted black and white cannabis packaging jars from Green Rush Packaging.

Storing cannabis concentrates correctly preserves their potency and months later, they will be as viable as when they were purchased. Concentrates need protection from oxygen, light, moisture, and temperature and storing them in professionally designed containers reduces their exposure to the elements that degrade them. Different concentrates have different storage requirements due to their varying consistency.

Launch of innovative concentrate containers

Green Rush Packaging has recently launched two innovative new glass concentrate containers that not only have high-end shelf appeal but feature innovating locking solutions.

The Grip’N Turn Round series  has a unique, sleek design. Available in two sizes, 5ml and 7ml. It proudly showcases the product and makes it stand out on the shelf. The patented and certified CRC locking mechanism ensures the wrong hands never get into it. The design extends shelf life and product quality as it locks in moisture while keeping contents safe and secure.

The Grip’N Turn Square edition has a premium thick wall base and matte coated cap that make it perfect for high end shelf appeal. It is also certified child-resistant and is designed to extend shelf life and product quality. Also available in two sizes, 5ml and 7ml.

What are concentrate containers used for in the cannabis industry?

As the market for cannabis concentrates keeps growing, so the need for concentrate containers grows too. The fragile nature of cannabis concentrates makes high-quality concentrate containers necessary to preserve the integrity of the contents. The key to proper concentration storage is to minimize exposure to heat, humidity and oxygen, all of which can change the potency, taste and texture.

Depending on the consistency, concentrates are typically stored either in glass jars, silicone jars, or parchment paper.

Glass concentrate containers: Glass jars hold the softer concentrates like budder and sauce and are the best for long-term storage. High-quality glass is naturally impermeable and prevents UV light from downgrading products. Glass works well for consumers looking for class and functionality.

Stylish glass cannabis container packaging will reveal the quality of your concentrate. Caps that fit well protect the product’s potency, prevent leakage and seal in freshness. Stylish top shelf glass jars with screw top or snap-on tops can display up to one gram of cannabis concentrate.

Silicone jars: Silicone jars offer easy access and removal for just about any consistency of concentrate. They are non-breakable and aesthetically pleasing. They may be more expensive but they are non-stick. However, they are not really suitable for long-term storage as they are not airtight.

Polystyrene containers: Polystyrene cannabis container packaging is designed for ease of use and containers feature easy-to-use screw tops. Some people do not mind the simplicity of using polystyrene plastic containers for their concentrates.

Plastic jars: Liquid concentrates, like hash oil, may be sold in plastic jars because they have a runny consistency but this is a very short-term storage solution.

Parchment paper: Parchment paper is another short-term storage solution for solvent-based extracts. Breaking up concentrates into pieces and folding the parchment tightly around each piece prevents air from getting in. Placing pieces in an airtight container and keeping in a cool, dark space is best.

All concentrates will do better in a cool, dark space, no matter what the consistency. You can keep all your containers of concentrate in the same place.

Concentrate containers should be as small as they can be to minimize excess air. There shouldn’t be too much extra space.

For short-term storage, room temperature is acceptable but for long-term storage, a container must be airtight, and storage in a refrigerator or freezer should be considered.

If concentrates are not adequately sealed, when frozen, they may accumulate moisture which makes them harsh when dabbed. Using the proper containers minimizes risks of contamination by moisture.

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing concentrate containers is the country of origin. Plastic bottles and closures manufactured in certain countries may have impurities in the resin that could leach into products.

What customization options are available for concentrate containers?

The packaging industry has moved far away from the days when white label plastic and glass jars were the only option. When it comes to closures, pop-tops and push-and-turn systems have been available for many years. Closures now have to be child-resistant and senior-friendly, which can be challenging.

The new Grip ‘N TurnTM Child Resistant Concentrate Containers from Green Rush Packaging are fully customizable and provide an innovative child-resistant solution for storing concentrates. The unique, sleek and stylish glass containers showcase products on the shelf and are designed to extend shelf life and product quality. Choose from the Round series or the Square series, both of which have a thick wall, premium base. The patented and certified locking systems fulfill all the requirements for storing concentrates and preserve the concentrates inside.

Concentrate container packaging companies may offer custom printing for concentrate containers. Design teams focus on creating custom cannabis packaging as unique as the products they package that make them stand out in any dispensary. It is possible to customize concentrate packaging in many ways to make your brand more visible.

A final word

The nature of concentrates demands special packaging. The majority have a sticky consistency and using the right container means wasting less. If you don’t use the right storage, you can expect humidity to build up in your concentrate. Exposure to light will break down the cannabinoids so they lose their potency and exposure to heat will make concentrates harsh. Choose the best quality concentrate containers and your concentrates will remain potent and viable for months and months.

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