Luxury Cannabis Products Elevate Customer Experience

To be a luxury customer, the key is not to spend more but to know more. The cannabis market is beginning to develop more sophistication and complexity as it matures. The luxury cannabis market includes edibles across a wide gastronomic range as brands, cannabis products and dispensaries cater to high-end consumers.

Dispensaries look more like boutiques or high-end spas. High-end consumers are looking for accessories that elevate their cannabis experience, and packaging sets one luxury item apart from another.

Enhanced Products

Cannabis products are being delivered in so many different forms today: oils for vape pens, smoke-able flower, infusion into chocolates, candies, cookies, mints, sodas, and teas. There are fast-growing markets for wax, tinctures and shatter, not to mention cannabis-infused wine and cannabis-dissolving mouth strips.

People are consuming edibles for various reasons from mild pain relief, to beat insomnia and relax after a long day – they are among the fastest growing categories of cannabis products.

Chocolates are being created where every step of the production process is as important as growing grapes to produce quality wine. Producers even promote the concept of terroir, as in growing vines, where the unique characteristics of the environment are inherent in the product. Decadent chocolate truffles and other chocolate treats are beautifully crafted and infused with cannabis.  

A healthy way to start the day is with a bowl of Granola, including rolled oats, dried fruits, savory seeds and nuts, maple syrup and infused with strain-specific cannabis.

Baked goods are by far and away the most diverse range of edibles, whether you’re looking for a chocolate chip cookie or something more exotic. Choose from brightly colored cake pops and indulgent desserts.

Cannabis-infused hot sauces and barbecue sauces give options to those who prefer something savory and from soda pops to tonics, there is a new world of cannabis enhanced beverages.

Elevated Dispensary Experiences

Many dispensaries are aiming for boutique’ appeal. Imported floor tiles, glass, lush plants, wooden display cases, chandeliers and more create elegance and sophistication.  

Dispensaries are being designed to appeal to the local communities in which they are based. This means a wide variety of design styles are used, from contemporary black and steel spaces to more traditional ones with leather couches and a warm, intimate feel. Some dispensaries look more like luxury spas or yoga studies. They are all designed to appeal to a specific kind of customer, whether this is a tired housewife looking for some relaxation, a businessman wanting to make a quick transaction or a modern, young IT professional.

Cool blues and grays are replacing the garish colors associated with cannabis in the past and music and aroma is being used to create a complete sensory experience for customers. Unique ways are being found to display products and give customers an opportunity to browse.

All marketing elements in dispensaries, from signs, logos and business cards to packaging and the interior are designed to create a specific feel.

Elevated Accessories

Some of the add-ons, from gold roach clips to vaporizers seem like unnecessary ostentation, especially as they do little to enhance the smoking experience.  However, the demand for such high-end accessories is huge. Many consumers want the very latest add-ons and don’t mind paying for them.

The humble roach clip, for example, has been dipped in 24 karat gold and transformed into a smoking clip, providing a classy way to smoke.  Stash boxes made of cherry or walnut with mahogany lining are sleek and effective. Airtight designs control humidity and keep contents fresh and flower from being damaged by UV light.

From handcrafted products to 24 karat gold rolling papers, high-end consumers are looking for a little opulence to enhance their experience and give them bragging rights.

Elevated Packaging

The days of plastic baggies with hand-scrawled labels are long gone. A third of consumers decide on a product based on its packaging and every detail, from functionality to shape, size and structure must be considered. The packaging for edibles, for instance, is required by legislation to be opaque so children won’t be tempted to eat what’s inside.

Custom cannabis packaging helps to elevate one brand above another. Your product comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms, so you need a variety of packaging options to meet your needs. You want to choose a cannabis packaging company that will be able to meet a diverse range of needs.  

We at Green Rush Packaging are a nationwide leader in dispensary packaging. We offer cannabis concentrate packaging, medical marijuana containers, pop-top containers, child-resistant products and barrier bags. We also offer custom cannabis packaging. The packaging comes in many sizes, styles, and colors that reflect the brand identity and distinguish it from ordinary dispensary packaging.

An Elevated Experience

The cannabis industry has developed way beyond traditional products and the way they were used. As a whole it is looking to give customers a great experience and offer cannabis products suited to all needs – even those who have high expectations and want that abstract, elevating element that makes a product a genuine luxury.

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