Medical Marijuana Jobs that Aren’t in a Dispensary

Woman harvesting marijuana leaves growing farm.

With increasing legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in many different US states, there are a ton of new medical marijuana jobs in the cannabis industry. Most people immediately think of dispensaries as a place to work in the medical marijuana industry, but there’s so much more to do than simply sell legal cannabis and cannabis products.

The expanding industry drives the need for professional cannabis packaging solutions. Green Rush Packaging delivers a broad selection of products to support different cannabis careers. Let’s look at the growing medical cannabis industry and explore some cannabis careers that aren’t necessarily in a retail environment.

Medical marijuana dispensaries

First, you can’t discount the importance of the dispensary in the cannabis industry, since it is the public face of medical marijuana. It is true that there are a bunch of dispensary and medical marijuana jobs available.

Becoming a budtender (e.g., a bartender for cannabis) is definitely one of the most popular entry-level cannabis careers. But it’s not the only career in the business, and we want to show that there are many different sectors in the cannabis industry in which an interested party can start a career. In fact, there are so many sectors in which you can get a cannabis job that we had to break our list down into broad categories.

Cannabis production & processing

Grower or cultivator

Medical marijuana products have to start somewhere, and that’s with quality cannabis. Grow masters and assistants have to be part farmers, part project managers, and part marijuana experts.

A cannabis cultivator has to understand the growing cycle of the plant, the nutrients the plants need, and how growing conditions can affect the eventual potency of the marijuana flowers. Knowledge about different cannabis strains and their effects is also vital for a successful medical cannabis farmer.

Once the buds are perfectly trimmed, they need proper storage. Green Rush Packaging offers an array of child resistant containers that are ideal for storing freshly trimmed cannabis.


The potent part of the cannabis plant is the flowers, and these have to be trimmed off the stalk and separated from the leaves in order to be sold as pure buds. These buds are the show stoppers in that they have all the trichomes, or tiny hairs, that contain the active chemicals.

A professional marijuana trimmer makes sure these buds look perfect so that they can be sold in a dispensary. The trimmings also contain some THC, so they can be used to make edibles or other cannabis products like balms or concentrates.

Concentrate technician

One of the newest ways of using cannabis, especially for medical purposes, is in concentrate form, and creating concentrates from medical marijuana plant matter is an important job. Concentrates are substances containing oils with active chemicals and terpenes, or other oils that help create scent and flavor.

These oils are concentrated from plant matter using complex chemical processes that require expertise and attention to detail, making a concentrate technician a specialized job within the medical marijuana industry.

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Cannabis edibles & other products

Edibles chef

Someone who wants to work as a marijuana edibles chef needs to have a discerning palate as well as experience in the food industry. Because cannabis edibles chefs can’t exactly taste their creations while they cook, they also need to be able to understand food chemistry and be able to create a solid recipe.

Issues of dosing and concentration of active chemicals in edibles also require a cannabis chef to have some knowledge of cannabis and its effects. There are many different types of edibles as well, so food industry experience doesn’t necessarily have to be baking, either.

Proper packaging is crucial for edibles to maintain freshness and compliance. Check out our child resistant edibles options >

Cannabis product creation

Edibles aren’t the only kind of cannabis product out there. Topical products are some of the newest medical marijuana solutions on the market, and the industry needs people to make them. Topical cannabis products use THC or CBD infused oils in things like balms, lotions, and soaps.

Hemp seed oil is very nourishing for the skin, though some topical products deliver THC or CBD through the skin. Someone who loves creating bath products that help increase someone’s health would be great at creating cannabis products.

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Packaging & branding

Just like in any other industry, cannabis products need professional packaging and branding. Longstanding packaging companies like PBFY are now creating products specifically for the cannabis industry to meet their unique needs.

Green Rush Packaging is a leader in cannabis packaging solutions, offering a comprehensive line of products to meet the industry’s unique needs. From child resistant containers to smell proof bags, pre roll tubes to tincture bottles, we provide packaging solutions for every type of cannabis product. In addition, our custom options help businesses create branded packaging that stands out in today’s competitive cannabis market.

Industry support

Marketing & advertising

These days, there are a ton of opportunities for marketing experts to support legal marijuana businesses. Like any other emerging industry, it’s very important for medical cannabis businesses to have top notch marketing teams to help bring in customers who wouldn’t normally consider medical marijuana to treat their symptoms. Public perception of cannabis consumption is changing, and marketing and advertising professionals can help grow the industry.

Web development

Medical marijuana businesses are on the cutting edge of technology already, so they need cutting edge web services as well. A good website is essential for any modern business to succeed, but a dispensary, edibles company, or smoking accessories company has to have a good website to compete in the industry and appeal to their customers.

Web developers in the medical cannabis industry also provide valuable information to customers about the product. You may be able to find these medical marijuana jobs online!

E-commerce platforms for cannabis businesses often need to integrate with packaging suppliers. Green Rush Packaging’s user-friendly website makes it easy for businesses to order compliant packaging.

Legal support

The cannabis industry is a huge growth sector for legal services, as the laws governing medical marijuana are constantly changing. It’s not just trial lawyers defending people against marijuana charges either.

All these other careers in the cannabis industry are regulated and subject to a confusing tangle of local laws, so legal services are vital just to operate a cannabis-related business with legit medical marijuana jobs.

The future of medical marijuana jobs

With growing legalization efforts, the cannabis industry is only getting stronger. New opportunities are popping up in a variety of sectors that were recently counterculture. As more and more states relax laws about marijuana, cannabis businesses can expand and grow. Tourism and hospitality industries can even see growth from cannabis tourism as customers travel from all over the nation to enjoy cannabis legally.

No matter what kind of cannabis products you’re selling, you need professional packaging to compete in one of the fastest growing industries in the US. It’s even more important to have professional looking packaging for an industry that’s emerging from the counterculture and gaining legitimacy.

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