New Product Alert: Glass Pre-Roll Jars!!

Glass cannabis jars with black and white lids from Green Rush Packaging.

Green Rush Packaging has released its latest invention, cannabis packaging. The glass pre-roll jars have been carefully designed to keep your pre-rolls secure and fresh. The packaging is child-resistant and light enough to easily carry in your pocket. The glass is clear and allows you to see your joints. 


They are available in a variety of jars that are excellent for storing and displaying your pre-rolls. You can get them in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can order customized glass pre-roll jars wholesale no matter where you are located in the world. Green Rush Packaging is a leader in the field of legal cannabis packaging products. 


About pre-roll glass jars


Our pre-roll glass jars are cylindrical glass containers made using carefully selected materials. Pre roll jars can also be called joint tubes or pop-top tubes. They are made to keep your pre-rolls secure and fresh.


Joints and dry herbs are easy to break, which presents a challenge when carrying them around. That is why we came up with a solution for your pre-rolls and designed the pre roll jars and Pyro cones


The pre-roll glass jars are the perfect solution for preserving the freshness of your joints. They also prevent them from becoming over dry, which makes them burn too fast. Sometimes you might smoke your pre-roll halfway and want to preserve it for later use. The pre roll jars are best for suppressing the smell. You only need to close the cap, and no one will detect the smell of your joint. 


Cannabis control boards require cannabis packaging to be child resistant. Children are full of curiosity and desire to try out everything. The pre roll jars are child-resistant, which makes it harder for children to get access to your joints. The tubes are light enough to carry them easily in your pocket. They keep the smell of the herb locked, and you can never attract unnecessary attention. 


Display your pre-rolls joints in our straight-sided premium glass jars


Just like Pyro cones, pre-roll glass jars come in a variety of lengths. Our premium jars allow you to display multiple pre-rolls. They are straight-sided and can hold up to 7 pre-rolled cones. They have a crush-proof design and provide an airtight solution to keep your pre-rolls safe and preserve their freshness no matter where you go. You can pair them with our unique Pyro cones for a ready-to-use multiple-pack solution for your pre-rolls. 


Our straight-sided pre-roll jars come in two major sizes. The dimensions for our GRPCRPRJAR_70CBLACK/WHITE jar are 70 mm x 39 mm, and its cap is 16 mm. It can hold 5-7 0.3g pre-rolls. Dimensions for our GRPCPRJAR_88CBLACK/WHITE is 88 mm x 44 mm and its cap is 16.7 mm. It can hold 5-7 0.5g pre-rolls. 


Both pre-roll glass jars are made using glass/PP+PE and come in a stock case quantity of 200. Both are available in either clear white or clear black colors. Each jar is child-resistant, certified, and crush-proof. They are customizable whether you are making a domestic or overseas order. They can hold different cone lengths and capacities depending on pre-roll size. 


Customization capabilities of our pre-roll glass jars


Our pre roll jars are created for aesthetics, versatility, and ease of use. They are highly customizable to fit your business needs. You just need to provide your customization specifications, and you will get your glass jars in the exact printing design you ordered. Some of the customizations you can order are the inclusion of your business logo, colors, and the specific packaging labeling requirements in your jurisdiction. 


For example, you may order embellishments such as labeling the jar and applying your logo and labels as required by law. It may include top cap labeling and label application. Another embellishment option is to order direct screen printing on the glass or other types of printing. There are many other embellishments options, such as a hot stamp, custom spray color, and direct print.  


The procedure to follow when ordering glass jar customization is simple. You only need to communicate with our production team and provide them with your specifications. The team will create a design and send you a soft copy for approval. You can order adjustments until you get satisfied. Once you approve, production of the glass jars starts, but you may also order samples for fill capacity testing before mass production starts. 


Your minimum order quantities and delivery time


Green Rush Packaging supplies orders for both domestic and international customers. Order quantities and delivery times for both customers are different. For overseas orders, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces. You can give varying product specifications as you wish based on your market’s evolving needs.  


You may order customization of the cap to be in mold color. You may also order for label plus label application or direct printing such as silk screen printing, screen printing, hot stamping, or heat transfer. You have the option to order secondary coatings on the glass jar. You may request spray color, electroplating, water, or heat transfer. Order lead time is from 12 to 14 weeks. 


For domestic customers, your minimum order quantity is 2,500 pieces. You may order product customization specifications such as label plus label application or direct printing such as silkscreen, pad print, or hot stamp. Order lead time is 4 to 6 weeks. For both local and overseas customers, order lead times are estimates and can be affected by several factors. 


The key factor is your order quantity and customization specifications. The other factor is the transit of goods from our production facility to your location. The further you are from our production plant, the more time it might take for the products to reach you. Other factors, such as importation and clearing and forwarding laws in your jurisdiction, may apply. The counting of lead times starts from the day you approve your artwork and designs and after you make your initial payment. 


What other products can you order from us?


Green Rush Packaging is a leader in cannabis packaging solutions for medical and adult use of marijuana. We have one of the largest product lists ranging from cannabis bags to barrier bags, edibles packaging, exit bags, and dispensary bottles. You can order from us plastic containers, pop-top bottles, flip-top containers, child-resistant bags, and many more packaging products.

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