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On The Rise, Decline in Traditional Smoking

According to various surveys, there has been a significant decline in smoking rates in the past years. But for vaping, the sales have dramatically increased over the past year. These statistics show that cannabis smoking trends are focused on vaping rather than traditional smoking.

The situation is more complicated than seeing one trend rise as the other one falls. Be that as it may, there’s no doubt that vaping is now on the rise and it looks like there’s no way to stop it.

The Growth of the Vaping Sector

Since CBD became legalized, more and more people have joined the CBD bandwagon. Among all the methods of taking CBD, vaping is the most effective. Because of this, vaping CBD oil has exploded in popularity and contributed to the growth of the vaping sector. As far as cannabis smoking trends go, this one looks like it’s here to stay.

Convenience is one of the most common reasons why people vape CBD. The devices used for vaping CBD oil are small in size, and they’re made of metal, glass, and plastic. These are relatively affordable, highly portable, and don’t produce a pungent odor when used.

Vaporizers are small devices which are now taking the cannabis market by storm. Almost one-quarter of the sales from the year 2016 tracked by cannabis delivery service Eaze were just for the cartridges. Today, we can see the same growth rates in different states where cannabis achieved a legal status such as Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Also, according to BDS Analytics, there’s a huge growth in the sales of concentrates such as CBD oil.

Ease of Use

It’s worth noting that the vaping growth trend is mainly because of this method’s convenience. If you plan to smoke cannabis the traditional way, it can get complicated, messy, and it requires some preparation. So it’s no surprise that easier cannabis smoking trends such as vaping have become so popular in a very short amount of time.

Apart from the convenience, CBD oil cartridges used for vaping are also very affordable and easy to carry around while traveling. The best part is that when you vape CBD oil, it doesn’t produce the smoke clouds and the smells which come from traditional smoking. As the market grows, we expect to see a brighter future for CBD vaping, especially as people are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of vaping CBD.

Health Benefits

In the legal cannabis market, vaporizers are one of the main products which are vastly growing in popularity. Because of this, the experts agree that as far as cannabis smoking trends go, this one is here to stay. For retailers, they see vaporizers and other vaping accessories as an excellent investment.

There are many good reasons why people turn to vape cannabis and CBD oils rather than the other methods. Using vape pens is a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis traditionally. This is because a vape pen can burn the cannabis more completely. Therefore, the resulting vapor is significantly less harmful than the smoke you would inhale from the traditional smoking method.

Cannabis concentrates sold in the market are becoming more and more popular too. The most popular categories in the legal market are the concentrates, edibles, and flowers. Among these three, the category of the concentrates is the most dominant and the fastest growing.

Within this category, vape pens are the products which are virtually flying off the shelves.  As time goes by, people discover the many health benefits of vaporizers and how disposable vape pens are highly beneficial. From enhanced cannabis experiences to the numerous health benefits, vaping has become the new norm.  Here are some health benefits of vaping:

  • Traditional smokers find it very challenging to quit. Therefore, any tool which can help curb this harmful hobby can save their lives. Although around 70% of smokers have a desire to quit, more than 90% of those who attempt quitting don’t succeed on their own. The good news is that vape pens can help increase the chance of kicking the habit successfully.
  • According to studies, cannabis can help reduce cigarette cravings. People have started using CBD oil, and extract of cannabis that’s non-psychoactive and has plenty of health benefits. They introduce CBD into their daily routine through different methods, but the most effective one by far is through vaping. Smokers who actively vape CBD oils have discovered a reduction in their cravings, smoking cues, and withdrawal symptoms.
  • In the cannabis industry, there’s a growing demand for vaping accessories thanks to the current health trend. Vape pens are a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis traditionally. Unfortunately, cannabis smoke contains the same kind of chemicals in cigarette smoke which causes cancer. This is another great reason why vaping continuously grows in popularity.
  • Vaping may help lower the risk of harmful lung effects that come with smoking. This is very important since the smoke is the main risk that comes with smoking weed. According to the reports, there is a lower risk of developing respiratory symptoms in people who vape compared to those who smoke.
  • Vaporizers are highly effective in burning cannabis too, thanks to their dynamic heating technology. The devices only vaporize the contents when inhaled. This means that there is a lesser wastage of plant materials. The vapor is also created at different temperatures so you can capture and benefit from more of the plant’s active ingredients.

Social Acceptance

One of the main reasons why the experts and insiders of the cannabis industry believe that vaping is the future of cannabis smoking trends is that there are new legal regulations in the states which are cannabis-friendly. These regulations mainly stem from the anti-smoking movements. This leaves the users who prefer inhalation as a method with vaping as their only choice for taking cannabis.

Although a lot of people believe that vaping has a bright future because of its sudden popularity and positive sales growth in such a short time, the long-term trends of this consumption method remain unclear.

As the mainstream use of cannabis and its social acceptance increases in the country, more and more first-time users will also start adding their preferences to the already-diverse market. So as the trend becomes more defined, we can only wonder what the future has in store for vaping and its users.

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