Packaging Types for Cannabis Edibles

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So many US states are legalizing cannabis and cannabis products that the cannabis industry is booming, and new cannabis businesses are forming every day. One of the unique challenges that emerging cannabis businesses face is packaging their products in a professional manner. This is true for dried cannabis leaves and flowers, but also for products made with cannabis like edibles or body care products. If you’re thinking of starting a cannabis edibles business or have a new business, you need to learn more about different Packaging Types for Cannabis Edibles and how they fit your products.

Challenges for a New Industry

While it’s important to have attractive packaging for any product, cannabis edibles present a unique challenge for businesses because states have not only created laws related to packaging of cannabis products, but there’s also marketing challenges to keep in mind. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma facing cannabis products, even edibles, so it’s important to pick the right packaging. Let’s look at some of the packaging challenges facing businesses in the cannabis industry.

Legal Challenges:

  • Labeling – Many states have enacted laws with very specific labeling requirements for cannabis edibles and products. While the specifics vary, most states require businesses to clearly label THC content (in milligrams), overall product weight, and serving size. Some states also require labels for the origins of the cannabis grown for the product.
  • Child Proof Packaging – Since cannabis products often are regulated like tobacco and alcohol, they are firmly considered adult products. This means that the packages you use for your products must be child proofed either through locking zip slides or screw tops.
  • Food Safety – Cannabis edibles are still food products, so you may have to comply with local laws regarding food safety. You will need packaging that not only seals in freshness but seals out bacteria and other contaminants.

Marketing Challenges:

  • Legitimacy – One of the marketing challenges that are unique to the cannabis industry is making your products look professional. People have long been making “pot brownies, ” and other edibles at home and edible cannabis companies have to set their products apart by making sure to use professional packaging that stays away from counterculture references.
  • Child Proof Marketing – Another big concern for lawmakers and consumers alike is that cannabis products are not attractive to children. Even though you are making cookies and candies and other products children love, your packaging and labeling needs to be an adult.

Packaging Types for Cannabis Edibles & Other Products

With all those challenges in mind, legal cannabis edibles businesses have tons of options when it comes to packaging their products. Let’s look at some of the packaging types that are perfect for edibles.

Glass Containers

Glass can be an excellent material for packaging because it is non-reactive, meaning all those yummy chemicals that make your edibles taste great and create an effect on the consumer will stay right there in your product. The bonus is that obviously glass is clear, so you can let your customers see your product. If you want to protect from sunlight, however, you might need opaque packagings such as metal jars or foil bags.

Tin Containers

Though these are often used for cannabis flowers, or “buds,” they can make for some very modern, upscale looking packaging for cannabis edibles such as candies or chocolates. Metal containers block light, are eco-friendly, and can be sealed with shrink plastic for added protection. You will have plenty of room for labeling as well.

Plastic Containers

There are a ton of plastic containers in every shape and size that are suitable for cannabis products like edibles. Plastic jars or vials can be very useful because they are easily capped with child-proof closures to comply with local medical marijuana laws. While some research has suggested that some kinds of plastic can leach chemicals from certain products, you can also seal your product inside food-safe wrap before putting it in a container.

Mylar Bags

Plastic or mylar bags have been in use as packaging for many years, and they have only gotten more sophisticated. Clear baggies show off your products while also remaining easily sealed, and opaque mylar bags protect from sunlight and moisture while offering a large surface area for labeling. Many plastic bags can also come with child resistant zip closures to comply with local cannabis laws.

Foil Bags

Packaging lined in foil is food-safe and extra protective of delicate scents and flavors, so it is perfect for marijuana edibles. Foil lined bags and pouches have long been used for other herbal products such as teas, and they are designed to be reclosed and used as storage as well. Standing pouches and even flat bags offer plenty of room for detailed labeling. Consumers are also highly familiar with these kinds of bags, which makes it easier to market what may be an unfamiliar product.

Child Resistant Closures

No matter what type of packaging you choose, you need to check your local laws regarding cannabis sales and make sure you are getting the right closures. Many states have specified that cannabis products for medicinal or recreational use need to have closures that are hard for children to open. This can mean a “push and turn” top like on a prescription pill bottle or a locking zip closure for bags and pouches. A few states only require child-proof closures on the bags consumers take from the dispensary, so check with your local law enforcement for details.

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