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Packaging Types for Cannabis Flowers & Leaves

Examples of fully custom or semi custom marijuana packaging from cannabis businesses

With more and more states legalizing cannabis, the industry is rapidly evolving. Packaging is no exception, as cannabis retailers try to present their products in the best way possible to reach both old and new customers. Finding the right branding, packaging, and marketing for all the emerging cannabis products hasn’t been easy since cannabis does still have lingering illegal connotations to most consumers. While the marijuana industry is trying to get away from that counterculture association, businesses are looking for the most innovative packaging that’s also secure, sustainable, and reliably produced. Let’s explore some of the ways new cannabis businesses can package their product for the best impact.

First, what makes effective packaging for cannabis flowers and leaves?

Even though cannabis leaves, flowers, and edibles are new products, we already know a lot about how to package them. Packaging experts have drawn from packaging for coffee, teas, and other herbal products to figure out the best packaging for cannabis. Here are some elements of effective cannabis packaging for the new market.

  • Since the flowers and the leaves are the most recognizable parts of the cannabis plant, professional packaging needs to visually show the product. This means a plastic window or glass packaging.
  • Cannabis flowers and leaves also contain chemicals that not only give each strain a unique scent and flavor but also affect how the consumer experiences the cannabis strain. Protect those delicate scents and flavors with airtight packaging.
  • As we are talking about a dried plant product, good packaging also protects from moisture and sunlight to preserve the properties of the herb. You’ll need it to be opaque and resealable, similar to packaging for herbal teas.
  • Many states also require specific types of childproof seals for cannabis flowers and leaves. These can be plastic slides, locking screw tops, or any other type of seal that can be locked.
  • Other legal requirements for labeling can also affect how you package your cannabis products since many states require stickers identifying the grower, date of harvest, and other information about the plant.

Now that we have an idea of what elements our cannabis packaging needs, let’s look at how different types of packaging for cannabis leaves and flowers.

Glass Jars or Bottles

Glass is known for being non-reactive to most chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about THC or other active chemicals in cannabis leeching into the packaging. Since glass is clear, you also get a good look at the product, so customers can see the little details of color present in many cannabis strains.

Silicone Jars

Used mostly for cannabis concentrates such as wax, silicone jars are non-stick so that the customer can get all of the product out of the container. The silicone used is also medical grade, so there’s no chemical leaching like with regular plastic. While these types of containers are often used with concentrates, they can also be useful for discerning customers who want high-quality strains of cannabis.

Tin Containers

Much like spice jars, these little containers usually have a clear plastic window in the top so the consumer can see the product before buying. When they have a solid lid, they keep out sunlight and moisture. Tin containers are usually coated and can be vacuum sealed with shrink plastic. Metal containers with clear tops can be very useful for display as well, as the product is visible, and a budtender can open the container to allow a customer to smell before purchase.

Plastic Vials

Tubes or Vials made of plastic are popular for single cannabis cigarettes, as well as small quantities of cannabis leaves and flowers. Many packaging manufacturers offer child resistant “push and turn” lids similar to prescription drug bottles. Since these types of vials and bottles are very similar to prescription drugs, these can be good for medical cannabis businesses. Labeling can also be easy with these types of containers, as you can just apply a sticker label.

Plastic (Mylar) Bags

Mylar bags have been used for packaging foods and other organic items since their invention, and they’re perfectly safe for cannabis as well. With plastic, you can get bags with windows so customers can see the product before buying. However, fully clear plastic bags should be avoided because legal cannabis businesses have to be careful not to reference the illegal days of marijuana when it was sold in clear plastic zip bags. Labeling can be easy with mylar bags, as they have a good surface area for printing or stickers.

Foil Bags

Bags lined with foil are also great for storing and selling organic products because they keep out light and moisture. These types of bags are normally used for coffee and teas, so they are ideal for keeping delicate scents and flavors intact. Many foil bags are also resealable so that customers can store their cannabis in the bag once they get it home. Foil bags are also available with child resistant zip closures, and they are ideal for labeling, much like plastic pouches and bags.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Most states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational sale have laws requiring packaging to have a child lock on it so that only adults can access the product. Modern packaging manufacturers understand this need, and they have a variety of child-resistant bags available for cannabis businesses. Most bags are sealed with a plastic zip closure with a slide that opens the container but can also lock once it’s closed, and most plastic containers close with the “push and turn” prescription bottle top.

If you have a cannabis business in this emerging industry, you need professional, reliable packaging to show that your products are safe and legal. Companies that have been making packaging for years are joining this growing industry and now offer packaging specifically for cannabis leaves and flowers as well as cannabis edibles and other products. Whether you decide on boxes, bags, vials, or bottles, you can find some packaging that will set your cannabis apart from everybody else in your area.

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