Pre Roll Packaging

Clear cannabis packaging jar with black lid from Green Rush Packaging.

Within two decades, the number of states that have legalized marijuana has more than doubled. As demand increases, the cannabis packaging industry is revolutionizing. Cannabis pre roll packaging is one of the packaging solutions that is gaining popularity fast in the U.S. 

From 2018 to 2022, pre roll packaging sales rose from $406 million to $1.5 billion based on data by Headset. Several reasons make pre roll packaging popular. Most beginner smokers prefer them due to their convenience and reasonable price. 

How packaging customizations impact pre-rolls

In recent times, prices for bulk flowers have been falling. On the other hand, cannabis packaging manufacturers have invested in advanced pre-roll filling apparatus. The two factors combined have caused pre-roll costs to dip and a surge in demand for pre roll packaging with labels. There has been an increase in orders for products such as glass pre roll tubes packaging by retailers. 

Advancing technology has helped manufacturers to improve the overall quality of pre-rolls and their packaging solutions. They now produce more resilient packaging, such as glass pre roll jars. Cannabis pre roll packaging manufacturers now offer customized packaging for the products. Pre-rolls come with a simple structure, but the level of customizations available is wide. Producers now process a wide variety of options, such as:

  • Multi-packs
  • Mini pre-rolls
  • Single joints
  • Big pre-rolls
  • Paper filters
  • Rolling papers
  • Infused and regular joints

Each customization is beneficial for branding but also provides a great influence on user experiences. For instance, pre-rolls that contain white rolling paper will have a different taste compared to pre-rolls with a glass filter tip. A glass filter will help keep the smoke cool and improve the taste. 

Bigger joints burn better than short joints. Smokers using pyro paper cones as storage will have a different experience from a user who chooses a different packaging solution. To get all the benefits, it helps to have a partner that has cones and all other products. 

Top reasons why pre roll packaging will remain popular

The cannabis sector is innovative, and players keep inventing new products. A typical cannabis user might think people will abandon traditional products and go for new ones. On the contrary, most users have stuck with the old products. Due to this, manufacturers are continuing to invest in new pre-roll products. They are inventing new packaging solutions like the pyro pre roll cases. They are used for packaging, storage, and selling marijuana cone-shaped pre-rolls. Several reasons make cannabis pre roll packaging popular. 

Convenience to users

Cannabis users prefer products that are convenient to use and carry. It is easy to carry pre-rolls in the pocket or weed bag and move around without problems. It does not matter if the products are packaged in plastic pre roll tubes, glass, or Pyro paper. Most pre roll packaging is metal tins that can be used multiple times. After use, it is easier to dispose of the packaging conveniently. 

They are high quality

In the past, pre-rolls were mainly made from cannabis shakes which were debris that fell off during processing. Many users regarded them as poor quality, but as demand increased, manufacturers changed their approach. Today, they use top-quality buds and sometimes mix them with high-quality waxes or oils. The packaging today is also different to keep the products fresh and retain quality. 

Customizable packaging

Each retailer or processor can order customized pre roll packaging with labels to fit their brand. Manufacturers can customize the sizes, shapes, and materials. The labels capture information such as THC and CBD percentages. Customization makes the products attractive and helps increase sales. 

Excellent choice for new smokers

Many new cannabis users choose pre-rolls due to their convenience. They are pre-packaged and ready to smoke, and easy to carry. New users might not know how to roll joints properly. Pre-rolls are easier to use because they don’t need rolling. 

Provides almost instant effects

Pre-rolls are made from cannabis flowers. They contain a wide range of chemicals that help add to the effects. When smoked, the smoke goes directly into the lungs and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Within a few minutes, it reaches the brain, and users begin to feel the effects immediately. 

They are affordable

Pre-rolls are affordable for most smokers. Their prices differ and may range from $5 to $25 depending on quality and convenience of use. Products stored in customized pre roll packaging with labels might cost more. 

Different product sizes

Customers can get pre-rolls in a wide range of sizes. There are short pre-rolls the size of a finger, and there are bigger ones. For instance, mini joints are small, easy to carry, and discreet. No matter the size, they fit well in customized cannabis pre roll packaging. 

They are tested in the laboratories by third parties

Users may not directly tell the content of their pre-rolls. However, the law requires them to be tested in the lab by a third party. It helps ensure their quality is good. 

They are versatile

Producers adopt various ways of pre-roll customization. For instance, they add concentrates or oil and sometimes infuse them with extra THC to increase their impact. The products may include a wide variety of strains or marijuana types.

Packaged in unique papers

The types of papers used for making pre-rolls vary widely. More porous papers cause the product to burn fast and cause quicker effects. In the past, papers were made from wood pulp. Today, they are made from cellulose, hemp, or rice. 

The popularity of pre-rolls will keep seeing an upward trend

For many years, manufacturers have been using manual pre-roll apparatus. Recently, they introduced automated filling machines. They have made work easier, and manufacturers can now produce more to meet market demands. This will help lower the prices to keep the market competitive. 

Automated pre-roll machines are, however, limited because they can make only one type of product. No matter how big or small your production line is, launching a pre-roll project can be overwhelming. It is important to work with Pre-Roll Experts who have experience and understand how to navigate the landscape.

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