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PRESS RELEASE – Green Rush Packaging Expands Cannabis Packaging Product Line with Pyro Papers Pre-Rolled Cones

Green Rush Packaging has announced the launch of Pyro Papers; a carefully selected line of high quality pre-roll cones and accessories geared at fulfilling the needs of cannabis cultivators and dispensary operators. The packaging company seeks to grow its catalog of exclusive cannabis packaging products in order to match the demands of a growing industry.

Green Rush Packaging is currently a successful and established outlet for pop tops, child resistant bags, and vape cartridges, among dozens of other essential and proprietary products. Their progressive research and development team has developed Pyro Papers as an answer to current trends and this underserved market.

As the sweeping popularity and massive growth of the disposable vaporizer cartridge demonstrates, cannabis consumption has become increasingly about convenience and ease of use. Dispensary customers are actively seeking the shortest path from purchase to consumption, and smoking traditional flower cannabis remains the most popular form of consumption. Cannabis tourism is also driving this demand; visitors to legal or adult use cannabis states, with no home base to roll up a traditional joint and no other smoking accessories available to them, are seeking easy ways to experience a dispensary’s selection. Pre-roll cones, like the ones created by the Pyro Papers team, are the perfect answer to this demand. For a consumer, particularly a novice or novelty smoker, purchasing a low cost pre-roll cone is a tempting option.

Similarly, dispensaries are seeking a low-cost, high-margin, way to increase average purchases – and offering pre-roll cones answers this need in two distinct ways. Firstly, it provides a $5-$25 add on item as the smallest unit of flower cannabis for sale. This means that even though a single cone may contain less cannabis than a traditional gram offering, the convenience of the final product drives the price up and therefore the margin. Additionally, pre-rolled cones have found their niche in the supply chain; selling flower produces loose bits of cannabis known as “shake” – these small bits are not fit to be sold in pop tops, bags or boxes. Instead of going to waste, dispensary owners and cultivators can collect this unsellable product waste and transform it into a desirable POS purchase.

Green Rush Packaging has seen this underserved, yet developing, market and has designed Pyro Papers to answer its needs. The full line from Pyro Papers will include Slim, 1 1/4 “ and King size pre-rolled cones with 26mm filter tips, in classic white and brown variants, using the highest quality-control standards and super-fine, unbleached paper for a slow and even burn. Each box sold will contain 900 stacked pre-rolls for easy shipping, storing and filling on-site.

“With cannabis being recreationally legal in Canada on a federal level, pre-roll cones have been selling very well. We have sold upwards of 8 million pre-roll cones in the Canadian market because we have locked down one of the best supply chains for custom and stock pre-roll cones. To add, our QA is at the highest level for this product,” said Brad Trumper, Vice President of Sales, Canadian Market at Green Rush Packaging.

For more detailed information on Pyro Papers by Green Rush Packaging, please visit:

Green Rush Packaging

Green Rush Packaging is a national provider of premium cannabis packaging meeting the needs of cultivators, dispensaries and edible brands. They service both East and West coast businesses with headquarters located in Brea, CA and a warehouse facility in Portland, TN.

Green Rush Packaging’s wide product offering includes vaporizer or vape cartridges, bottles, pre-roll tubes, glass jars, concentrate containers, barrier bags, exit bags, coin envelopes and child resistant products all available in stock or with customizable branding. All products are designed with shelf-life in mind, to keep any flower, oil, wax, shake, shatter, concentrate, edible and CBD at optimal freshness. Green Rush Packaging offers hundreds of sizes, styles and colors, so every brand has the option of fully customized cannabis packaging.

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