Reliable Cannabis Packaging

Assorted black and white cannabis packaging jars from Green Rush Packaging.

There is a wide variety of cannabis packaging available in the market. The main options to choose from are plastic, tin, foil, or glass packaging. Regardless of the packaging you choose, you must make sure it is reliable. There are an array of challenges that come with using poor-quality cannabis packaging. 

Your products will not remain fresh and could increase the product recall rate. You could lose a large chunk of customers and your profitability will diminish fast. The highest-trending cannabis packaging design includes plastics, glass bottles, and Mylar bags


Quality plastic cannabis packaging has a wide range of uses

Quality plastic cannabis packaging provides your brand with several benefits. It keeps the content clean and safe for users. Packaging that looks dirty, contaminated, or deformed will drive customers away. High-quality packaging attracts customers and helps build trust and loyalty. Information about the product is printed on the packaging based on the guidelines and packaging regulations. 

You can order customized cannabis packaging filled with eye-catching graphics to appeal more to users, which can influence their purchase decisions. Quality packaging, such as plastic, ensures the content inside is protected from damage and moisture. The packaging must be free from defects due to the problems they can cause. An example of a defect in plastic packaging is an uneven sealing area. 

When sealed, it leaves gaps that allow air to enter and thus damage the product. It increases the recall rate, which destroys your brand reputation. It could lead to legal battles that cost your brand millions in losses. It is crucial that you only choose plastic packaging that is produced with the highest quality standards to keep your products safe and protect children from accidentally consuming them. 

Avoid cannabis packaging manufactured overseas. You can never tell if they meet FDA regulations. They could also contain impurities that can leach or bleed into the content. They may save you some money, but in the long run, the cost and losses can be devastating. 

Locally manufactured packaging follows FDA requirements. You also get proper documentation that ensures the packaging is high quality. Local packaging brands ensure they use eco-friendly material that keeps the environment clean. You can request new designs every time the cannabis packaging design trends change. 


How to find a reliable cannabis packaging supplier

There are many cannabis packaging suppliers but finding the right one can be challenging. If the supplier fails to supply packaging material in time, it will break your supply chain and have long-term effects on your brand. It is one thing to ensure a flawless supply of packaging and another thing to ensure they are all high quality. Before you sign a cannabis packaging contract with a supplier, consider these factors. 


Ability to deliver 

Different manufacturers have different manufacturing abilities. Some can deliver whatever quantities you require in time. Some manufacturers have a lesser capacity and require more time to meet delivery demands. Your customers dictate demand, and you must dictate supply from the suppliers by ensuring your supply chain is never disrupted. 


Years of experience

There is a difference between a cannabis packaging supplier who is just starting up and one who has been in the market for many years. The one with many years of experience understands the challenges of manufacturing/supply and knows the best solutions. 

They have been investing for many years to increase capacity and to hire top talent in the sector. They understand how cannabis packaging design has changed over the years and where it is headed to. Due to this, they can accurately advise you on the designs to choose for your brand on top. 


Compliance with regulations

Cannabis goods are required by law to meet the following requirements. 

  • They must be opaque (especially for edibles)
  • They must be child-resistant
  • Resealable (if it contains more than one serving)
  • Must be tamper-evident

Other requirements include labeling, which includes boldly displaying the product identity, cannabis universal symbol, net weight/volume, and cannabis-infused edibles. The packaging needs to have the batch number, expiry date, list of allergens, food colors added, and a cannabis warning statement. If any packaging lacks these details, your brand will be in trouble with several governing bodies, and your business can be closed. The supplier must understand these requirements and comply with all regulations. 


Have good vendor relationships

Good vendor relationships include consistent communication, meeting supply demands, and sticking to high-quality products. The supplier should allow enough payment time for invoices and offer advice whenever needed. A supplier could effectively create a new cannabis packaging design. However, if they have poor vendor relationships, they do not qualify to be called good suppliers. 


How your brand can save money on packaging

Cannabis packaging is one of the items that cost brands the most. It is okay to argue that it is the content that is most important. However, improper or poor-quality packaging can push your brand out of business. The packaging must comply with regulations and must keep the products fresh and safe. There are several ways to help your cannabis packaging costs down. 

Buy in bulk: When you buy in bulk, you get a chance to negotiate for a better offer. That means you can save a few cents per piece. When accumulated, the total saving can be in millions. 

Buy quality all the time: You cannot release into the market products packaged in faulty bags, jars, tins, or bottles. You will either have to make a fresh order or risk thousands of products being recalled from the market. Always make sure your supplier only supplies high-quality packaging.

Order the right quantities: Keep an eye on the market and watch demand trends to know what quantities you need to supply and when. Keep an eye also on the cannabis packaging design trends and order the latest designs. If you order a smaller quantity and demand suddenly shoots up, it means you will have to make another order sooner, and it could cost you more. 

Order the most affordable and readily available materials: Order cannabis packaging that is readily available and more affordable. Be careful not to compromise on quality for the sake of affordability. More affordable packaging can save you millions of dollars annually. 


Disclaimer: Check the local guidelines and laws of your state to ensure compliance.

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