Rohan Marley to Launch Lion Order on 4/20

lion order

Pride of place in the market and general acceptance in society has been long coming for cannabis since it was taxed out of existence back in the 1930s. Today many states in the US and countries across the world are legalizing cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes, and the tide is changing. Cannabis is steadily regaining its glory as a lifestyle brand and seeking entry into the licensed market with potential for multi-product lines. Rohan Marley, son of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley is trail-blazing this resurgent market with a planned launch of the Lion Order, a luxury lifestyle brand of cannabis, on April 20 in Michigan.

Breaking the news

Rohan Marley chose February 22, a rare palindrome date or as it is called, the “twosday” (2.22.22), for its numerical synchronicity, to announce the planned launch of the Lion Order weed brand ahead of time. While making this momentous announcement, Rohan reminisced about his father’s high esteem of the herb for its medicinal and spiritual characteristics. The cannabis or ganja as it’s known in Jamaica was highly revered by the Marley family patriarch, attaining spiritual and cultural significance in the Rastafari movement that Bob founded.

Explaining the choice of name for his new cannabis lifestyle brand, Rohan says, “Lion Order derives from the Lion of Judah, the Rastafari symbol of strength, power, courage, determination, the way of man. A personification of royalty, self-respect, and dignity in the quest for a unique lifestyle, a way of life that we should aspire to live.” Rohan says that this cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand will espouse the cherished values of the Marley family and the renowned cultivator, Heavyweight Heads.

The former football star at the University of Miami, Lion Order Marley, believes that all peoples regardless of their nationality, religion, or ethnicity need to get together and talk about life and love. He points out that people need something to unite around, such as food, coffee, cannabis, psilocybin, or even water, and share experiences. Rohan believes that the Lion Order provides that link for people to come together and bond.

How the cannabis lifestyle brand concept began

It was while playing football at the University of Miami alongside greats like Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Duane “The Rock” Johnson that Rohan Marley began the Lion Order concept as a brand. His teammates were drawn to Rohan’s way of life based on Rasta-Ital’s holistic nutrition, meditation, training on the beach, and finding inspiration or cooling down with Bob Marley’s music before and after every game. Bonded together thus, Rohan and his teammates took up Lion Order as their inspiration mantra during their football days in Miami.

The synergy the Lion Order mantra created in the team influenced Rohan’s idea to start a cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand that could espouse unity among its users. After going on to play professional football in Canada, Rohan had founded successful family brands that included Marley Coffee and House of Marley speakers and headphones. He believed there was one more thing he could add to the family legacy, something with stronger ties to the family – a cannabis brand.

The Lion Order weed is the anchor product of the proposed multi-product line that will include a lifestyle brand of cannabis, hemp CBD, luxury accessories, and signature clothing. The Lion Order lifestyle brand intends to revolutionize the legendary Rastafari cannabis culture into a modern, trendy, and universally accepted spiritual and self-aware way of life. Rohan and his partners in this venture plan to push for cannabis legalization and complete decriminalization as they promote the Lion Order.

The Lion Order team

The choice of Michigan for the 4/20 launch of the Lion Order Marley brand was strategic since it’s the home of the other major partner in the venture. The award-winning cannabis cultivator Heavyweight Heads will bring on board their expertise in successful strain cultivation to boost the Lion Order IP strains. Rohan Marley specifically chose Michigan for its universal acceptance of cannabis and 4/20, the universal cannabis holiday for its significance and the impact it will have on the launch.

The great Mike James, formerly of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions, brings on board the celebrity status and endorsement that raises Lion Order’s profile as a luxury brand. Mike James joins the Lion Order weed team as Vice President and hails Rohan Marley as a genius saying the brand’s new luxury is self-awareness. James’ influence in the sports fraternity alongside Rohan’s will create vibrant traction for the Lion Order brand and products’ luxury appeal in celebrity circles.

Chloe Villano is a perfect fit as CEO for the Lion Order brand and just the right person to successfully navigate the budding business through government regulations, industry standards, and startup development. Ms. Villano is the president and founder of Clover Leaf University and runs a consultancy specializing in cannabis businesses with a vast understanding of the industry. Chloe promises to help Rohan Marley set up the largest and most prestigious luxury roots cannabis brand for the global market.

Lion Order’s future

Rohan Marley envisages a complete luxury product line with a universal reach anchored by the Lion Order brand. Together with the CEO Chloe Villano, Marley expects to revolutionize the cannabis industry while retaining the spiritual ethos that his father Bob Marley held sacred. The Lion Order team hopes to use this luxury brand to bring people together in freedom to talk about themselves and share one love.

With the help of the CEO, Chloe, who has vast experience in the industry as a consultant and activist for cannabis legalization, Lion Order Marley expects more states will approve the lifestyle brand for recreation and medicinal use. The brand brings authenticity, integrity, justice, and equality to an industry that seeks recognition before the law. The team hopes to carry on the authentic roots culture so revered by the Rastafari movement with integrity and the high profile of a luxury lifestyle brand. The cannabis and hemp CBD brands promise spiritual liberation for all, even when used as a recreational or medicinal herb.

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