Selecting the Best Cannabis Packaging Supplier for Your Needs

best cannabis packaging

The first impression of your cannabis brand is the packaging. To impress your customers, the packaging should look catchy as well as professional. It gives users the belief that the product inside is fresh and good quality. The right packaging solutions help attract more customers to your business and create brand awareness.

To get your packaging right, you need to partner with a quality cannabis packaging supplier, like Green Rush Packaging. There are many packaging competitors in the market. What differentiates them is the design, quality, supplier relations and knowledge of the products they supply. When selecting a company for your cannabis packaging supplies, consider the following key points. 


What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends on what you are in need of. For example, do you need stock? Or do you need a more customized solution? When dealing with local semi-custom orders, cannabis packaging turnaround time may take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. Supplies for overseas markets may take about 12 to 14 weeks. The supplier should be able to produce packaging products fast enough to satisfy demand. Research shows supply speed matters to customers. Turnaround time for weed packaging supplies matters if you want to sustain your existing customers and win new ones.  


Who is my point of contact?

It is important to build a strong relationship with your point of contact for your packaging needs. You may never meet face to face with the person, but it will be easy to share with them your pain points and discuss possible solutions. Whether it’s about placing an order, production, shipping or discussing your next big project. You can negotiate with them for a quicker turnaround time, price point, delivery time, etc. It makes a difference when you are generally dealing with a brand and when directly dealing with a contact person. Your point of contact should be your go to person from your smallest or largest project.


Do you have packaging solutions in stock?

Your supplier should be a one stop shop for what you are looking for in your packaging. For example, Green Rush Packaging offers a wide range of stocked products from jars, bags, tinctures, to pre-rolls and most recently The Pyro™ Case. You can order stocked items directly from their website with more options available when working directly with a sales representative. In addition, Green Rush Packaging offers in-house printing and labeling as well as full customization on all of their products. As an added bonus, Green Rush Packaging has two warehouses with one located in the west and the second located in the east. This makes for a quick and fast delivery to both sides of the country! Having all these options and solutions available is extremely important and is a guarantee for a happy customer. 


Years they have been in business

A manufacturer needs to be innovative to meet evolving market demands. They need to be problem solvers no matter the type of problem a customer presents to them. Modern-day manufacturing is paying more attention to sustainable product development. Governments are making laws to promote the creation of eco-friendly products. To meet market demands, you may want to order a different style of weed packaging supplies. As a customer, you will share the idea you have with your supplier. 

 The supplier, in return, should be creative and imaginative in developing the customized product you ordered. It is more difficult for inexperienced cannabis product suppliers to present a high level of creativity. Companies with many years of manufacturing experience have already dealt with thousands of different types of challenges and developed solutions. They should be your first choice when you are searching for a reliable company to meet the demands of your cannabis packaging supplies. Green Rush Packaging is a third generation packaging company boasting over 40+ years of experience.


Strong vendor relationships

A vendor with strong relationships builds trust with customers. They should effectively address potential supply blocks in advance because they can foresee them. You need to choose a company for your cannabis packaging supplies that meet excellent vendor relationship qualities. They include the ability to communicate effectively and clearly.

Communicating creates an easy path for ideas and feedback to flow between you and the vendor. It allows a smooth flow of operations, streamlines the supply chain, and improves customer satisfaction.


Understanding of packaging compliance

One of the keys to cannabis packaging is maintaining and keeping up with compliance and regulations. The list of packaging guidelines and rules is long, but you are required to observe each of them carefully. You will need to check your local area for its packaging compliances. 

In conclusion, it is important to pick a cannabis packaging provider that has many years of experience, strong vendor relationships and understands today’s packaging regulations.

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