Stand Out on the Shelf with Custom Grip ‘N Lock™ Boxes!

Cannabis packaging boxes on shelf, showcasing different strains and prices per ounce.

When your product goes on display on dispensary shelves, it will compete with many others, and that’s why it’s important to make your packaging stand out. To make your packaging noticeable, you need to be able to customize it to fit your branding requirements, customer needs, and safety regulations while maintaining practicability.

With the Green Rush Packaging Grip ‘N Lock cannabis boxes, your packaging can meet all those necessities of making your goods different from others on shelves. Let’s see how Grip ‘N Lock boxes have what it takes by reviewing a few features, customization options, and uses.

Multiple partition inserts

When it comes to packaging, first impressions last, and however cool your boxes are on the outside, customers will eventually open them and expect crisp-condition products. That is why getting product-specific partitions for your custom cannabis boxes is important. They enable the product to arrive in the customer’s hands in the right condition.

Even if your products don’t get damaged, being inside a box without partitions will shake them up and make them untidy when they reach the customer. Adding partitions in your boxes will also show the customer that you care about every product in every box and earn you “personal touch” points.

Cannabis Box sizes

Getting the right box size for your products can also make them stand out on the shelf, as customers won’t enjoy getting bulky cannabis packaging for smaller products. Grip ‘N Lock boxes come in default small and large sizes, but you can get them made according to custom sizes.

Nowadays, consumers have become more conscientious than ever before, and using correctly sized packaging will offer them a guilt-free option when shopping. That’s because besides saving paper, you also save gas as you can ship more on less fuel without unnecessarily large packaging.

16 CFR 1700

Compliance with regulations is important to get your products noticed on the shelf or to get them on shelves, and cannabis packaging needs to follow 16 CFR 1700 protocols. These protocols are tricky to meet as they require your packaging to be difficult for children under 5 to open.

The good news about a Green Rush Packaging Grip ‘N Lock cannabis storage box is that each one is 16 CFR 1700 certified. That means you don’t need to worry about a lengthy RnD process to meet the protocols if you use these boxes.

Print designs

Even though when it comes to cannabis products, the goods themselves are enough of a selling point, the packaging you use will impact a potential customer’s purchasing decision. That’s why it’s important to package your products in unique boxes that’ll enable the customer to easily identify your offerings on the shelves.

Beyond making your products easily identifiable, custom printed boxes can help bolster a sense of professionalism that buyers will appreciate and use to form a relationship with your products. Grip ‘N Lock cannabis storage boxes can be custom printed according to an infinite number of specifications and designs to enable you to reach these goals.

Soft-touch Marijuana box texture

Packaging your products in soft-touch boxes can be a surefire way to attract customers browsing their local dispensary’s aisles. That’s based on the fact that there are already many studies that prove people like to touch soft things. Grip ‘N Lock packaging can get this texture customization added to boxes. 

Glossy Marijuana box finish

A sleek-looking box for your products will give it that ultra-modern finish that looks good on any shelf that you can add to your Grip ‘N Lock cannabis box. The gloss finish on your packaging will make the print look more pronounced and brighter even under conditions with low lighting.

Gloss box finishes also add water resistance to your packaging that’ll keep your products fresher for longer even if they come into contact with a little water. Gloss finishes also prevent your box’s print designs from fading, making them good for displaying on any kind of shelf.

Matte Marijuana box finish

If you want your packaging to give off a subtle and elegant aura of luxury, you must consider customizing your boxes with matte finishing. A design option that’s available on Grip ‘N Lock packaging. Matte finishes can also have a pleasant velvety texture that customers can enjoy when they see your boxes on the shelf.

Matte finishes aren’t very common on shelves, too, and that alone will make your product stand out. However, you must be aware that matte finishes tend to be more susceptible to damage. Luckily you can get free packaging samples from Green Rush Packaging before deciding how you want your boxes to look.

Marijuana Edibles and pre-rolls

With Grip ‘N Lock cannabis packaging, your product will stand in stark contrast when compared to other edible and pre-roll options on store shelves while saving you money. That’s because most of the time, these are individually packed in shrink wrapping or cellophane, which doesn’t leave enough room for branding and will make your goods more memorable.

Grip ‘N Lock cannabis boxes can save you money by allowing customers to buy edibles or pre-rolls in 5-pack, 4-pack, 2, and 3-packs when they want more than one. This can allow you to have better prices overall when compared to competitors who only use individual wrapping, which will make your products very attractive on every shelf.

In conclusion

As you have seen, Grip ‘N Lock CBD boxes can get manufactured to accommodate many products with personalized box partition inserts and product-centric box design. You can also stylize your packaging’s structure, print design, and textures to align with your brand identity.

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