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States That Could Legalize Cannabis in 2020

The further we move into the 21st century, the more states are letting go of their previous reservations about cannabis. More and more states are on the brink of legalizing cannabis and there are others who are not far behind. As the whole stigma around cannabis is being changed and more research about it is being done, people are coming to terms with the fact that cannabis might not be such a bad substance after all. This is a great opportunity for future cannabis business owners to begin to plan for weed packaging needs.

You will always have your naysayers and there is not much one can do about their point of view. Regardless of their reservations though, here are some of the states that could legalize cannabis in 2020

Cannabis Law Predictions

Arizona Cannabis Law Predictions

They tried it in 2016 with a ballot initiative and lost by a mere 3%. This year, they are looking to go all the way with a new initiative called the Smart and Safe Arizona Act. The proposal seeks the legalization of cannabis for adults 21 years and older, allowing them to cultivate up to six plants per adult and a maximum of 12 plants per household. If supporters can gather 237,635 signatures by July 2, 2020, then they are in with a shot.

Arkansas Cannabis Law Predictions

The people of Arkansas are serious about their cannabis and there are a number of groups who are collecting signatures for proposed constitutional amendments. The Drug Policy Education Group submitted its proposal to amend the constitution in July of last year. The amendment would allow Arkansas’ licensed medical cannabis dispensaries to sell to the adult-use market. Although it does not seem like they are on the cusp of legalizing recreational use, the trends of some of the other states show that there is a natural progression and that it is only a matter of time. 

Florida Cannabis Law Predictions

The Sunshine State is looking to become a little bit more relaxed as there are reportedly two groups, making active efforts to establish adult-use initiatives in 2020. Make it Legal Florida is leading the pack as they collected 390,000 signatures, enough to prompt a judicial review of their constitutional amendment language. The initiative would allow licensed cannabis dispensaries to serve a much broader adult-use community. Regulate Florida are also still collecting signatures to broaden the adult-use net.  

New Jersey Cannabis Law Predictions

The New Jersey lawmakers made their resolution known in November of 2019, which would see the issue of adult-use being moved over to the voters in the 2020 election. Gov. Phil Murphy ran a campaign on legalization, while the lawmakers fought to pass an adult-use legalization bill. The progress has been slow seeing that the Senate is still divided and has not yet come to a resolution for the next summer season.

South Dakota Cannabis Law Predictions

A number of advocacy groups have laid plans to qualify two cannabis policy reform ballot initiatives this upcoming election. One petition would see the legalization of medical cannabis and the other petition would see adult-use to be legalized. The South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws supported the adult-use initiative and collected 50,000 signatures for a constitutional ballot initiative. This initiative includes the regulation of cannabis tax for adults over 21. Furthermore, the proposal also aimed at regulating the cultivation, processing, and sale of hemp in the state.

Pennsylvania Cannabis Law Predictions

Pennsylvania’s democratic senators were more focused on the business opportunities that cannabis holds and introduced an adult-use legalization bill in October of 2019. Rep. David Dellosso also jumped on the bandwagon and introduced a legalization bill that would enable state-owned retailers to distribute cannabis products to adults over 21. Gov. Tom Wolf and Gov. Andrew Cuomo also joined governors from Connecticut and New Jersey to discuss a regional approach to cannabis policy reform.   

New Mexico Cannabis Law Predictions

Although New Mexico might still be a bit behind in the legalization race. Things are well underway. A governor-appointed group of 22 policy leaders across the state came together to draw up a draft of recommendations for the adult-use cannabis program in October of last year. The draft has since been submitted to the elected officials for review. The legalization legislature has progressed by some margin this year, but the process has come to a halt as it has been stalled in the Senate.  

Montana Cannabis Law Predictions

In the State of Montana, MontanaCan has been hard at work. They have submitted the Marijuana Regulation Act to the secretary of state, but ultimately, the voters will decide on the fate of the Act. They could either see it as a joint effort or competing initiatives. In short, the Marijuana Regulation Act would see the legalization of adult-use of cannabis, as well as establish the state’s duties for regulating and taxing the cannabis industry.

New York Cannabis Law Predictions

New York’s efforts were shot down this summer, but Governor Cuomo seems eager to try again. Cuomo coordinated and hosted the Regional Cannabis Regulation and Vaping Summit in October of last year. Among those present were the governors of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Together they discussed a collaborated effort to legalize and regulate cannabis in their respective states.

North Dakota Cannabis Law Predictions

Legalize ND has not given up the fight just yet. In 2018, their legalization ballot was defeated, but they are at it again with a revised version of their adult-use ballot initiative. The new proposal can be viewed as a win-win for the state as it proposes a limit on cannabis possession and banning homegrown plants. Furthermore, the new initiative also established a 10% excise tax on cannabis that is sold at a dispensary.

Virginia Cannabis Law Predictions

Del. Steve Heretick entered the cannabis legalization race again after his first attempt was stalled in the legislature this year. He announced in September of last year that he would file for a cannabis legalization bill I 2020. Heretick was backed by the Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring. In June, he vowed that he would work with state leaders to see progress in policy reform and see the legalization of adult-use come to fruition.

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