Sustainable Packaging for Marijuana

sustainable weed packaging

Brands adopt sustainable packaging to help reduce waste and carbon footprints and, with these measures, position themselves nicely to increase company growth. It aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and brands show their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Several steps lead to sustainable packaging. They include the use of recyclable materials, innovation, and adopting an eco-friendly supply chain. 

States such as New York have proposed new packaging and labeling guidelines for the cannabis industry. The guidelines seek to achieve sustainability in the adult use of cannabis in the state. Here are critical steps for the cannabis industry to follow to achieve sustainable packaging. 


Follow the laws

By the end of 2022, 21 states had legalized marijuana for recreational use, and 37 states had allowed the legal use of medical marijuana. New York State is one of the latest jurisdictions to legalize marijuana. The Office of Cannabis Management expects to issue 175 licenses for retail dispensaries. New York is also one of the latest states to unveil proposed laws for sustainable packaging solutions for the cannabis sector in the state. 

The proposed laws require a licensee to adopt programs that promote environmental sustainability. They are required to ensure at least 25% of their packaging is sustainable cannabis packaging. The licensees are also required to submit an annual report on important metrics on initiatives taken for implementing sustainability. 


Weighing the impact of the proposed sustainable cannabis packaging and labeling in New York

New York’s cannabis sector will not be the first state to implement sustainable cannabis packaging solutions. Cannabis operators in some markets in the West adopted sustainable packaging solutions on their own some years ago. 

Other markets seeking to implement sustainability can use the states as benchmarks. One of the operators who have already implemented sustainable packaging is Legion of Bloom, based in California. Troy Meadows, co-founder of the company, explains how the business transitioned to sustainable packaging solutions specifically for its flower line and vape cartridges. 

Troy says that “sustainability is a journey and not a destination”. Each organization has to find a balance point for solutions that work best for them. He congratulated New York State for its proposed sustainable packaging laws and hoped to see more states implement laws against the use of plastics as a packaging solution. 

Work with the right solution

Working with the right vendor also means ensuring you are getting the right solutions for sustainable packaging. Green Rush Packaging has sustainable packaging solutions for companies to consider. Some options are available directly on the website with more options available when working directly with a sales representative. Green Rush Packaging is committed to offering packaging solutions for every customer and their needs.

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