Take Your Cannabis to the Next Level with Premium Packaging

The focus of every cannabis brand is to provide quality products to customers and establish long-term customer-brand relationships. To be able to reach the customers, you have to enhance the marketing value of your packaging.

You can’t afford to save money or effort on packaging, as it is the window through which customers can get to know your products and values.

In a competitive market, the customer expects premium marijuana packaging in synthesis with a premium product. Learn how to accomplish this balance and reach the customers in a way you’ve never experienced before. Focus on every detail, and your audience will certainly notice the effort and quality.

Why is premium packaging important?

Cannabis isn’t a niche industry anymore. Thirty-three states in total have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. This means the pool of customers has become more diverse, ranging from young people to seniors, accomplished professions and important figures.

Different customer groups have different demands, but a wide customer pool means only one thing – a need for premium marijuana packaging.

Since affluent customers have more funds at their disposal, they don’t have to pay attention to the price anymore. They search the market for cannabis products that have premium quality. Other than reviews and word of mouth impressions, they place trust in the marijuana packaging itself.

Thus, it’s important to focus on making your packaging premium, as it exemplifies the product. A brand with premium and well-designed packaging is deemed as:

  • Reliable. Since you have funds and time to elevate your packaging, your business must be going well.
  • Creative. Good packaging is an art and investing time in it can only send the right message.
  • Unique. If you just copy other brands’ designs or don’t experiment with visual appeal, consumers won’t buy your products.

What does premium packaging consist of?

There are several elements to every sample of premium marijuana packaging. When you see the breakdown, it will be much easier to plan individual rebranding efforts and changes. Focus on each part, and you will see what’s exactly holding your brand from growing.

  1. Simplicity. The majority of the cannabis market is oriented toward younger people. As a result, the colors and designs brands choose are visually agitating and aggressive. In most cases, a moment of visual serenity will provide an interesting alternative to existing solutions. Calmness and a good fit of shapes, colors, and text are the Holy Grail of marijuana packaging.
  2. Be careful with colors and icons. An icon or logo is the simplest, yet most frequent representation of your brand. People will recognize your products whenever they see them. How well they remember your products depends on the effectiveness of your logo. The more effective logo is, the faster the memorization process will be. It’s all about using this moment to create a lasting voluntary bond between you and the customer. The color gold is a must-addition due to its luxury feel and premium effect on your packaging.
  3. Add an organic touch. If you want to engage consumers that shop organic, add a touch of earthy tones and green hues. Combining these two colors rejects the notion that your brand is mass-produced or “industrialized.”
  4. A matte finish is a must. Glossy finishes are associated with cheap products, and you want to avoid that if you want to design premium packaging. A matte finish gives smoothness to the product and gives it clarity when observed, as well as a soft touch when people touch it in the store or upon delivery.
  5. Patterns help branding. In addition to your existing logo, slogans or color combinations, you can always bring even more unison to your branding. If you’ve already filled all the empty surfaces on the packaging, you can always add an underlying layer of branding in the form of a unique pattern.

Combine two very similar hues and include a pattern of, for example, your logo, a marijuana leaf or even words.

Material is an important component to premium marijuana packaging

If your design is visually appealing and attractive, you have to create a perfect marriage of feel and aesthetics. No matter how beautiful your logo or packaging is, it’s all in vain if you’re not using a premium material. Consumers use your products and spend a lot of time with each packaging in hand. It’s your job to make every second of extended contact premium.

A smooth matte plastic packaging doesn’t have to seem organic – it has to be simple and minimalistic. Since more and more consumers are eco-aware, you have to adapt. It’s not a problem if you don’t use recyclable materials, just don’t use excess plastic. Sometimes, less is more.

  • Wood can be a great material for bigger boxes and gift packages.
  • When using glass packaging, make sure it’s transparent with a simple, non-sticker-like logo and a bare design.
  • For plastic, nylon, and paper, you can afford to add more elements, but the point of glass is to provide a window into the packaging.
  • For flower bags, you can include a bigger transparent part. Seeing the product before using it is seen as a luxury by customers.

Be authentic

Perhaps the most crucial thing about any type of premium cannabis is making sure it stands out. There is more to it than just being different. Authenticity means that your marijuana packaging is in unison with your brand identity.

Consumers will quickly realize the connections between your design and product quality. This results in the establishment of a link which will urge people to buy your products more often, assembling a true customer core and a self-sustainable retention strategy.

You don’t have to just experiment with colors. Make the structure and shape of the product completely unique. Origami-like secure paper containers are especially interesting, as the same approach allows for a plethora of different solutions. Luxury packaging isn’t hard to achieve.

You just need to have a clearly defined set of values and the right pointers. Making them work together will result in dressing your premium product in equally premium packaging.

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