The Best Types of Packaging for Pre-Rolls and Cones

Person holding a cannabis joint with smoke, outdoor background.

Rolling a joint is a skill that takes some practice. Nowadays, many people new to cannabis are entering the market due to increasing legality and they find it easier and more convenient to use pre-rolled joints and cones. As with all other cannabis products, the packaging for pre-rolls and cones is important. Strict regulations, safety, cost and preservation of cannabis are all factors that make choosing packaging more complex.

Brands taking a closer look at pre-roll packaging are thinking about how customers want to carry them, how they interact with them and how they can use to package to light or store their pre-roll. The unlimited customization options in both pre-roll packaging and pre-rolled cones have given the pre-roll market a huge boost. Here are some of the best packaging options.

Pre-roll tubes for Cannabis

Pre-rolls are the perfect option for consumers on the go, so packaging solutions need to protect them when put into a backpack or bag. Tubes easily keep the shape of pre-rolls so consumers do not have to worry about crushing them. They come in a variety of different materials, from plastic to glass. Some companies are even making pre-roll tubes from recycled ocean plastic.

Customizing pre-roll tubes

Tubes are not only airtight and waterproof but they are easy to customize by using custom printing or labeling. Laws such as needing child-resistant packaging have made products like the labeled joint tube popular.

Companies can print their own labels as a quick option for their pre-roll tubes but many other premium options such as direct printing and gold foiling are also available. Full custom printing for pre-roll tubes gives brands the opportunity to make sure their products stand out on dispensary shelves. Semi-custom printing is another option.

Opaque tubes for Cannabis

Opaque tubes protect the pre-roll from UV rays and are discreet. They can easily be resealed after opening and come in many colors, such as gold, black, silver, and translucent green or blue.

Green Rush Packaging offers pre-roll tubes packaging that seals in freshness and potency as well as offering protection from rough handling. The hinged lid on the pre-roll tube is certified child-resistant.

Transparent tubes for Cannabis

A transparent tube displays one standard or cone-shaped cannabis pre-roll. It allows consumers to see the quality of a pre-roll in advance. Minimalist labeling can provide all the necessary information and still allow consumers to see the joint clearly. It is also possible to custom-print onto clear tubes.

Glass pre-roll tubes are available in various sizes and can make a statement as well as seal in freshness and potency at the same time. Glass Pre Roll Tubes Packaging is available from Green Rush and is fully customizable.

Pre-roll bags for Cannabis

Pre-roll bags are tamper-evident and smell-proof when heat sealed. They hold several pre-rolls, take up minimal storage space and are cost-effective. The surface area provides enough space for custom-branding and using stickers mandated by the state.

Pre-roll Mylar bags make it easy to carry around pre-rolls in a way that is safe from prying eyes. They not only offer privacy but they are in compliance with most state laws. Many of them have zip-locking mechanisms. Pinch style exit bags are opaque and have strong seals with a tab that must be torn off before use. This keeps contents safe from children and pets.

A disadvantage of bags is that they may break when carried in a purse or bag containing other heavy items. Placing tubes within bags may be more expensive but it solves the breakage problem and offers more room for custom branding on the bag than there is on a tube.

Pre-Rolled Cones for Cannabis

A pre-rolled cone is an empty joint paper in a cone-shape, making it easy to put cannabis inside before twisting the end to seal it. Flat rolling papers are more difficult to use than cones.

Green Rush has Pyro Papers pre-rolled cones that come in various sizes. These pre-rolled cones are made from white or brown paper and the design makes filling them easy. The quality of these pre-rolled cones is high due to the strict quality control standards.

As far as paper goes, there are plenty of options, including wood, rice and hemp. There are various pros and cons of the different types of paper. The choice will depend on factors such as the burning rate, eco-friendliness and much more.

Wood pulp paper is most commonly used in rolling because it is solid, retains shape well and has an average burn rate. Rice paper is generally thinner and less harsh on the lungs but it is quite vulnerable to certain conditions, such as moisture in the air and does not hold its shape as well as wood pulp paper.

Hemp paper is mostly brown in color, thicker than rice paper and has a tendency to absorb moisture. Hemp creates a slow burn and adds a full flower flavor.

A final word

Pre-rolls and cones are entering a new era and their packaging is too. Brands are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to package pre-rolls and cones. They are also seeing the importance of labeling or printing directly onto tubes, mylar bags or multi-packs with custom branding. They are increasingly realizing just how important marketing, branding and package design have become in the pre-roll market.

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