The First Cannabis Cafe in The U.S. Opened in Los Angeles

On the surface, Lowell Cafe appears as though it is a typical trendy and up-market restaurants along the West Hollywood strip. Despite its normal appearance, the establishment offers a unique dining experience for weed lovers.

Lowell Cafe is a cannabis cafe that cleverly blends its menu with cannabis, and is one of the few cannabis restaurants in the world. The mood of the restaurant is ambient, cool and calming and this may be attributed to the fact that you can enjoy a gourmet crafted meal along with your favorite strain of marijuana.

Lowell Cafe is the first establishment of its kind in Los Angeles to offer patrons a chance to freely enjoy a toke with their meal.

The First of Its Kind

Lowell Cafe was established by Lowell Farms and is the first hospitality establishments to receive a license to freely sell cannabis in West Hollywood. The menu is infused with edibles, fresh buds, and ready-rolled joints.

With cannabis laws transforming at a rapid rate, hundreds of establishments applied for permission from the county and state government to gain consumption licenses. Lowell Farms was the first to gain permission to sell cannabis on a cash-only basis. Apart from an ordinary waiter, there is a Flower Host to help a patron pair the strain with their dish.

The Flower Host offers help in helping patrons understand the different strains and styles of cannabis. In addition to the fresh farm-to-flower marijuana selection, the establishment offers cannabis drinks, edibles, and oils.

Furthermore, weed lovers can also rent smoking devices like bud vases, vape pens, or bring their own bud with a ‘corkage fee’ of $20. Besides, the restaurant offers cannabis in the form of wax, which is becoming a preferred way of consuming cannabis. Cannabis wax can be consumed through vaping or dabbing.

The Flower Hosts are pivotal in helping guests understand their tolerance to choose the perfect strain and form of consumption to pair with their meal. Lowell Cafe seeks to create a similar prestige to fine when it comes to cannabis and removes the stigma surrounding the herb.

A Well-Crafted Menu

Lowell Cafe offers carefully crafted dishes to complement the marijuana selection, meaning it also has one of the most unique menus in Los Angeles. The menu is designed by renowned chef, Andrea Drummer. In addition to the delicious menu, Lowell Cafe offers a beautiful and healthy way to satisfy ‘the munchies.’

Officially opened on 1 October, Drummer designed a unique menu that can be infused and enjoyed with different types of cannabis. The food menu itself is not infused with cannabis due to state laws that restrict infusing marijuana in meals.

The menu features an eclectic mix of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and dishes that are delicious and compliment the unique experience of simply being in the restaurant. Dishes include a salad simply known as ‘From the Garden’, which features a mix of greens, blueberries and balsamic mustard dressing.

Any cannabis enthusiast will enjoy options such as adding the customized gravity bong to their meal which is designed by Stündenglass. The rental prices range from $75 to $200.

To enjoy the bliss of this cafe, it is advisable to make a reservation to secure a table because the place is in high-demand among Los Angeles residents who love smoking weed and eating good food. The restaurant also offers its facilities for private events so you might consider it for your next big celebration!

A Unique Experience

This is the first restaurant is the first of its kind in the United States of America and marks a significant revolution in the fight to decriminalize marijuana. It offers a safe and healthy space to enjoy your favorite strain of marijuana and a healthy meal.

According to critics, it is one of the safest and healthy ways for a stoner to truly enjoy their high. A lot of the time, the typical stoner will order junk food and stay indoors to enjoy their bud. However, Lowell Cafe has set an amazing example in transforming and removing the stigma against cannabis.

The set-up of Lowell Cafe is picturesque featuring an assortment of plants, gently decorated with a bistro-style set up that homely and cozy. Furthermore, the establishment has an advanced aircon system that eliminates the presence of smoke in the air and ensures that the air is clear and does not smell too ‘dank’ or stale with the smell of weed.

Enjoying your nugs has never been so classy, and the team is always on standby to assist and give advice where necessary. Furthermore, the establishment does not sell alcohol ad strictly sticks to cannabis as its substance of choice.

Rules and the Law

Yes, marijuana has been decriminalized since 2016, but the act prohibits anyone younger than 21 years old to grow, use, or be in possession of marijuana for non-medical use. In 2018, the law progressed to allow the sale and distribution of marijuana through a registered business.

The law in the US is very pedantic when it comes to selling and advertising to people who are under age. Thus, you have to wait until you are 21 to enjoy places like Lowell Cafe. As it stands, California leads in licensed cannabis operators with over 10 000 businesses operating in the cannabis market.

Many other states are following suit or realizing the pressures to do so with various research suggesting that cannabis is less dangerous than mainstream drugs such as alcohol and sugar. Stigma has always been attached to the use of marijuana. Therefore, there are few opposers to its decriminalization and legalization.

The cafe itself also prohibits patrons from leaving with marijuana and it should be enjoyed at the establishment. Guests are allowed to smoke both indoors and outdoors.

The establishment of Cafe Lowell marks a significant transformation is cannabis laws and adds a tinge of hope that lawmakers are finally ‘coming around’ to its healing properties.

This historic move in normalizing the plant and changing the food industry is recognized as an important moment in the endless lobbying to completely decriminalize marijuana. In addition to top off your delicious main, there are also wonderful desserts to tantalize your palate after a few good nugs.

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