The Layout of Your Marijuana Dispensary Could Impact Your Sales

For each customer, shopping is a different experience. Some people enjoy grocery shopping, so for them meandering down the aisles filled with produce can be a wonderful experience.

People who enjoy shopping for clothes love to feel and try on products. Either way, they do not all head to the stores to purchase what they need and to get out as soon as possible. With the legalization of marijuana, there is a new type of consumer that is hitting the market.

These are cannabis consumers that are heading to dispensaries by the hundreds. These people are also looking for an experience, but unfortunately, the dispensaries are slightly inhibited by the law in this regard.

They are told that consumers are not allowed to handle the product while in the store and that all products need to be housed behind glass. This may sound awfully restricting, but it does not leave dispensaries without any options.

Research has been done that looked at how consumers reacted to different kinds of displays and what impact this had on the volume of sales that took place.

What is wrong with the current displays?

In many dispensaries, all the products are held in glass displays that sit way below eye level. This may be a popular way of displaying products, think of all the jewelry stores you have seen. Still, this does not mean it is the most effective display available.

Evidence suggests that displays like this work to make the customer feel detached from the product. They are not able to pick up the product that they are interested in and instead have to ask the salesperson to help them every couple of minutes.

There is also the argument that the importance of the product has been decreased by displaying this product below eye level.

Where should products be placed?

If you are not going to place your products in the well-known glass cabinets, then what are you supposed to do with them?

According to the laws governing the sale of marijuana in most states, you will not be able not to get rid of the glass, but you can elevate that same cabinet up to the eye level of the customer. This will automatically make the products appear more attractive.

Then there is the case of organizing products according to brands and ensuring that there is a very clear separation between the different types of products that are on offer. This type of organizational process will simplify the purchasing process which has been found to have a positive impact on sales volume.

It is your responsibility, as a dispensary owner to try to make your customers experience as stress-free as possible. This means that products should not be hard to find or thrown together in a haphazard manner.

But, the customer cannot touch the products

In most other retail environments, customers are able to peruse products at their discretion. They do not need to constantly interact with the sales assistants when they want to find out more about the product. They can simply pick it up.

This is not allowed with marijuana sales, but that does not mean that you cannot put out empty packaging or even laminated cards with all the information that a customer could need. If you were to include these in your dispensary, then you will find that customers feel more comfortable spending time in your store.

They will browse for a longer period of time, making them more likely to buy more and buy products they are actually looking for. This makes for customers that are happy with their purchase and experience. They will, therefore, be more inclined to return to your store when they need to make another purchase.

What kind of lighting do you use?

In the marijuana sales industry, there is a very high turnover rate. This means that of the customers who enter a dispensary, a large amount of them make a purchase.

This can make dispensary owners believe they do not need to try and actively sell their product. That they do not need to worry about presentation, lighting or the experience they are offering.

The people that walk through their doors may be a serious customer, and they probably will make a purchase. But, you do have an impact on just how much they buy.

Presumably, the displays and layout of the dispensary has already been decided, but now it is a question of light. Lighting can be a very powerful tool in a dispensary, that is, if you know how to use it.

Include all 4 types of lighting

Believe it or not but there is not one type of lighting that can be used. There are four different types, and for the best possible results, you should be utilizing all four of them in your dispensary.

The first type of lighting is called ambient lighting, and it is what you use to set the tone of your store, whatever that may be.

Then there is task lighting. This is specifically used to direct the customer to services such as the sales desk along with the exit.

The third type of lighting is high lighting. As its name suggests, this is bright lighting that is used to illuminate and display the products that you are selling.

The last type of lighting is decorative lighting. It serves no other purpose than to embellish the store. It can almost be considered the icing on the cake as it finished the overall look and feel that you are trying to achieve in your dispensary.

When you are trying to sell a product, any product, you are trying to tell a story, and you are trying to provide your customers with an experience. The product itself may play a large role, but the delivery is just as important. Ensure the way that you display your product holds true to the atmosphere you are trying to create.  

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