Tips for Cannabis Tincture Packaging

Cannabis tincture bottles

Cannabis tinctures are an age-old method of delivering the medicinal benefits of marijuana to patients. Physicians in the 19th century used to recommend and prescribe them for a variety of common health problems.

Cannabis prohibition kicked in during the late 1930s but attitudes have changed, and with increasing legalization, cannabis tinctures are in demand once more.

What are cannabis tinctures?

Homebrewing a tincture typically involves soaking cannabis in alcohol in a glass jar in the dark. A cannabis tincture is basically an alcoholic extract of cannabis.

Cannabis tinctures are typically sold in 15ml and 30ml bottles with the cost depending on the brand, formulation, and size of the bottle.

Why is cannabis tincture packaging important?

Low-quality packaging has many disadvantages

Packaging that carries a lower price tag may come with disadvantages that can seriously affect sales – limited design options and text placement for required warnings, less protection from damage, and limited accommodation for child-resistance.

Primary & secondary packaging both matter

At the very least, primary cannabis tincture packaging has to prevent exposure to heat, light, and moisture which can degrade the quality of the tincture.

Secondary packaging is important too because the label on the bottle may be filled to the limit with required information and it may be necessary to insert a leaflet into secondary packaging with important information for the user. This makes the box containing a tincture bottle just as important as the bottle itself.

Child-resistance & functionality

The passing of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act in 1970, saw the development of child resistant packaging to stop children from being poisoned by swallowing prescription drugs or household chemicals. With the legalization of cannabis, child-proof packaging needed to be seriously considered.

Factors like functionality and legal compliance were one of the main challenges. The packaging had to be not only child-resistant but not too difficult for the elderly and disabled to open.

Companies manufacturing tinctures have to use regulation-approved cannabis tincture bottles with droppers. Dropper bottles must be clearly labeled to indicate cannabinoid content and recommended dosage.

Innovative options

Packaging companies work together with top product developers to create packaging that is not only safe and functional but aesthetically pleasing too.

They are using all the resources at their disposal to make their tinctures stand out in a very competitive market. Tuck-end product boxes, for example, can be dressed up with beautiful finishes to make them more attractive to consumers.

Value of custom packaging

Investing in custom packaging for tinctures is considered worth the price by many businesses in that this offers superior quality, finishes, and adequate protection for tinctures during shipping and handling.

Use the right tincture bottles & jars

Tincture storage

Tinctures will last for many years if they are stored in dark, airtight jars or bottles and kept in a cool, dry, and dark location. Non-porous, impermeable bottles and jars are essential for proper tincture storage. Alcohol extracts degrade at a slower pace than those using Glycerine and tinctures last longer than most concentrates, especially when they are stored properly.

Colors & materials

Tincture bottles or jars usually come in opaque colors such as amber, green, blue or black for protection from potentially harmful light. Bottles and droppers are usually made of glass because some plastic can interact with the alcohol in a tincture.

Droppers & caps

Tincture bottles are paired with child-resistant droppers that dispense a controlled amount for straightforward and precise dosing.

Some dropper pipettes even feature ingenious designs such as a spill-proof curved tip to prevent the liquid from dripping while in use.

Orifice reducers included in the caps of some glass droppers distribute the tincture in a controlled drizzle, which could be helpful when applying tinctures to food.

Sizes & shapes

Smaller bottles make it more difficult to fit labels with all the necessary information. Some tincture bottles look like slim-line cylinders which makes them convenient to keep in a purse or for travel use.

Tips for using tinctures

Tinctures offer many advantages to users, such as convenience and the ability to control dosage.

An alternative to smoking

Patients new to medical cannabis look for alternatives to smoking, and for many of them, tinctures provide a solution. They can measure dosage accurately, starting slowly and increasing it slowly if necessary. As they are used sublingually, they bypass the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream, thanks to the veins present under the tongue.

Discreet & convenient usage

Compared with flowers and concentrates, tinctures have no harsh smells, and it’s easy to keep a bottle in a purse or pocket. You can consume your recommended dosage with discretion no matter where you are.

An alternative to edibles

Tinctures provide an alternative to edibles for certain patients, such as those with gastrointestinal problems. They are also a low-calorie alternative to cannabis brownies. When tinctures are applied under the tongue, you will usually feel the effects of two to three drops after about 15 minutes. You should wait a while before swallowing.

CBD hemp oil tinctures

Some of the most popular tinctures are CBD hemp oil tinctures. These are made with pure CBD hemp oil diluted in clear alcohol and offer many potential health benefits. They come in a range of flavors which makes them an ideal choice for the elderly and for children. CBD is non-psychoactive which means there is no ‘high’ as experienced with a product containing THC.

Other tincture uses

Cannabis tinctures can also be added to a number of foods, including cooked soups, ice cream, salad dressings and sauces. It can also be added to a juice or a breakfast smoothie. Remember that this will offer slower absorption because it goes through your digestive system.


As cannabis tinctures grow in popularity, tincture packaging becomes more competitive. Businesses want packaging that can make their products stand out and they are prepared to use customized packaging solutions to do so. This is resulting in the discovery of innovative ways to cope with some of the challenges the cannabis packaging industry is facing.

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