Top Cannabis Packaging Trends for Cannabis Branding

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Cannabis packaging material has a powerful influence on consumer behavior. In the 21st century, consumers have become more aware of sustainability and environmental health. Cannabis packaging manufacturers were investing more in plastic packaging in the past. Due to consumer behavior, the industry is shifting from plastic to eco-friendly materials such as paper and glass. 

Environmental health requires people to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills. To meet this demand, cannabis packaging manufacturers are now investing in multiple-use packaging. Here are the top packaging trends for cannabis branding. 

Brand repositioning to increase marketing success

There has been growing competition in the cannabis packaging sector. It is prompting brands to think outside of the box to help them stand out. Due to this, cannabis packaging trends used in the 1970s can no longer work. Brands have to strategize to position themselves for success. 

Some of them are drawing inspiration from old-time packaging to create vintage-inspired packaging solutions that fit today’s market. They are making designs with natural textures and dark and warm colors. To position for success, brands need to consider several critical factors. 

Segment their target market

Cannabis brands cannot succeed in their quest to be pacesetters of new cannabis packaging trends if they target everyone in the market. Today, consumers can access a cannabis dispensary at walking distance. However, brands need to decide who they are targeting and provide products for the specific market segment. They must design custom cannabis packaging that attracts the segment. 

Make the brand distinctive

There are many cannabis strains, but their main composition is THC and CBD. It is not enough to state the amount of THC and CBD on the packaging. Brands need to figure out what will make them distinct and meet consumer needs. This can be achieved through custom cannabis packaging or adding unique value to products to make them exceptional. 

Observe regulations at the local and state level

The cannabis sector is regulated at the local and state level. At the federal level, cannabis is not yet legal. Nevertheless, brands need to understand the governing laws and comply with them. 

Top cannabis packaging trends for cannabis branding

Packaging plays a critical role in the marketing success of a product. It influences consumer behavior and supports branding. Cannabis packaging that elevates brand products to a higher level must meet the following benchmarks. 

  • They must be attractive
  • Convenient to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Information intensive
  • Cost friendly
  • Protective to products

The top cannabis packaging trends are based on these characteristics. They are designed based on the guidelines published by the regulating authorities and the state government. 

Designs with new colors and motifs

In the past, cannabis packaging manufacturers produced materials with minimum colors. Some were almost plain, with only the product name and ingredients. The purpose was to avoid making the packaging appealing to kids. Currently, cannabis brands are seeking to enlarge their market and are targeting youthful consumers. To make the products appealing, manufacturers have added colors and motifs to packaging. 

Eco-friendly packaging

Every business sector today is focusing on sustainability. There is a growing concern for preserving the environment to make it habitable. Due to this, packaging manufacturers had to obtain radical solutions and adopt them immediately. Sustainability is top of the cannabis packaging trends adopted by brands. 

Custom pre-roll tubes are one of the sustainable solutions that are gaining popularity. Manufacturers are producing biodegradable packaging through sustainable best practices. The main material choices for eco-friendly cannabis packaging include:

  • Reusable glass
  • Hemp
  • Reclaimed ocean plastics
  • Compostable materials
  • Biodegradable materials 

Customization of packaging materials

Brands want to be unique to stand out in the competition. They want their brands to stand out while displayed on the shelves. Many brands want to work with manufacturers who can supply them with custom cannabis packaging. Customization includes details such as:

  • Printing brand logo
  • Adding brand colors
  • Adding slogan
  • Creating customized packaging design/shape and size
  • Customized material choices like glass, paper, and metal. 

Adopting minimalism in packaging

Too much information on packaging could be counterproductive, and brands might fail to achieve their sales goals. Brands are now paring down their packaging materials and the visuals included in the design. The purpose is to allow the product to stand out and do the talking. They add only necessary information on the packaging that draws greater attention from consumers. They only include the brand logo, slogan, and colors, plus product information. 

Compliance focused packaging

State governments and regulators often update cannabis compliance laws that players in the sector must follow. Brands are adopting cannabis packaging trends that pay attention to compliance. They include packaging that is child-resistant, resealable, tamper-evident, and opaque. The law requires packaging to have the universal weed logo. 

Drawing ideas from packaging trends of the past

In the past, cannabis products were packaged in simple airtight tin containers and sold by pharmaceutical companies. Brands later adopted plastic packaging Mylar bags. The packaging only included a sticker or label displaying the name of the product. The rest of the container was plain. Looking further back, marijuana products were packaged in ceramic jars and tins. Some brands used brown paper or amber glass jars. 

Brands adopting modern cannabis packaging trends are borrowing ideas from old-time packaging solutions. Glass jars are still in use, but the packaging has been improved to improve freshness and child-resistant requirements. Like in the past, branding is still minimal, but there is an increase in the adaptation of custom cannabis packaging. 

Brands have added more colors and motifs, but the old-school idea of minimalist packaging is still in use. Packaging for edibles has been taken a notch higher, where brands have increased graphics while observing compliance laws. Brands have also borrowed ideas in packaging material shapes and sizes. 

In the past, brands used warm color palettes and adopted different funky shapes. The same ideas have found their way into modern custom cannabis packaging. Brands are using bold fonts, vintage colors, and graphics. The new designs are meant to create a casual and nostalgic feeling for consumers. Brands need to keep up with the trends to remain competitive and relevant in an evolving market. 

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