Top Regions for Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis brands all over the country are flourishing due to changes in legislation and society’s general view on cannabis. But where do cannabis buds that we see in dispensaries really flourish? You can’t grow cannabis everywhere, so where are areas that are better for cannabis cultivation than others.

If you’re a cannabis retailer and are interested in collaborating with a new supplier, read through our guide. We will cover the specifics of each cannabis-famous area and why it is good for cannabis cultivation. Choosing any of the top regions for cannabis cultivation will help you start a cultivation business or get a new supplier. The opportunities are endless.

The Emerald Triangle

California has always been one of the top regions for cannabis cultivation. Even during the illegal days, the DEA was unable to shut down all the growth facility in the isolated northwestern territory of the state. Made out of three different counties, The Emerald Triangle has been a hotspot for cannabis cultivation ever since the early 1960s.

The reason for this “explosion” in terms of cultivation is the unique Mediterranean climate. Combine that with the lush vegetation and humongous forests in that area and you will have an ideal spot for cannabis cultivation. It is estimated that this small area in the Golden State produces approximately 1.7 million pounds of cannabis every year.

Due to the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, the state of California has adopted a new legal framework for applicants. Study it if you wish to make use of the balmy and pleasant climate in the area.

The Washington paradise

The state of Washington is next on the list of top regions for cannabis cultivation. It might seem surprising that Washington is so prominent, especially due to the bad weather they’re known for. In reality, it is precisely this bad weather that urged cultivators to adapt and think of new ways of getting their product.

Areas surrounding Seattle are known for their lack of sunlight even in the summer. This has lead to a massive rise in indica and hybrid growth. Early flowering strains are the most popular, especially because they can benefit from a lack of pleasant weather. Washington is also second in indoor cannabis cultivation, behind California.

If you head east of the Cascade Range, you will find a completely different situation. Sunshine is abundant, which makes this part of Washington an ideal place for slow-flowering strains. The entire state is characterized by extremely rich soil and a large amount of flowing fresh water.

Oregon – the legal benefits

Oregon has also risen up the ranks as one of the top regions for cannabis cultivation. It has a similar climate as Washington, but they generally experience much more sunny days.

What makes Oregon so special and ideal for cannabis growth is a mix of two factors. Firstly, we can’t disregard the amazing state of the soil there, culminating with the north and northwestern parts of the state.

The second and lesser mentioned factor is the legislature. Oregon is known for pretty relaxed laws relating to personal cultivation. New brands can also easily obtain licenses for entering retail businesses.

However, these lax laws have led to the state pausing the acceptance of new applications. Lawmakers are also faced with the problem of marijuana prices becoming lower and lower because of the competition.

Maine – the jewel of the Northeast

On the other side of the country, we have one of the most fascinating natural regions in the entire world. However, the beautiful surroundings are often in contrast with weather that is not technically ideal for growth.

Still, Maine is one of the top regions for cannabis cultivation. The humid summers are followed by very short falls seasons, sometimes lasting as much as two weeks.

Like in Washington, cultivators in Maine have focused on early-harvesting and fast-growing strains. Their main focus is on indicas and hybrids. What makes Maine marijuana so renowned is precisely the aforementioned nature.

The incredibly healthy soil and an abundance of fresh water add to form a formidable boost to the Maine cannabis industry.

Maine is poised to become a true center of cannabis cultivation in the next few years, mostly because of its special laws. Even today, Maine is one of the few states on the east coast where cannabis is legal. Sales are still forbidden, while adults can grow a moderate number of plants for “personal use.”

Heading down South

Southern states have traditionally been much more conservative than their West Coast and Pacific Northwest counterparts. Their views on cannabis are mostly negative, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are ideal for cannabis growth. Despite Kentucky still refusing to legalize cannabis, it’s still one of the top regions for cannabis cultivation.

Lush forests and lots of water have contributed to a strong illegal network of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. There is also the cultural factor – Tennessee, in particular, is known as a rebellious region with citizens refusing to abide by the laws. Even the moonshine culture is alive and well nowadays.

A little bit of sunlight

Cannabis needs sun. Florida is called the Sunshine state. The conclusion is quite obvious. Florida has recently legalized medicinal marijuana, which is yet another reason to look at their amazing climate. With sunshine all year long and the healthy soil, sativa strains can become immune to the overwhelming heat and humidity.

Florida is now ranked as the nation’s third-biggest state in terms of indoor cannabis cultivation. This is, of course, mostly illegal growth. What’s particularly interesting is that only one man is legally allowed to grow cannabis in the entire state of Florida.

77-year-old Joseph Render has been allowed to grow cannabis legally for juicing purposes, due to his stage 4 lung cancer condition.


The top regions for cannabis cultivation are characterized by either lax laws or pleasant climate conditions. Even states such as Washington and Maine have found a way to bypass bad weather by cultivating fast-growing strains. Choosing any of these (legal) states would be beneficial for your business.

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