Training Your Budtenders

Knowledge on the topic of marijuana would not be such a debated topic if there weren’t so many different ways to consume the product. Consumers are given a whole range of options from topical products to edible snacks, and that is not even mentioning the multiple different strains of marijuana that are on the market.  Each product comes with different dosage of THC and therefore is best suited for a specific need. But, who is to tell which product suits each customer. This is where Budtenders come in. These people are like those who advise one in any other store, the only difference being that their specialty is marijuana.

How does one become a Budtender?

A budtender is not simply a person who has spent a couple of years selling or consuming weed. In this time of legalized marijuana, they are professionals in their field. They are not only aware of all the different product that are available, but they are also well versed in dosages, THC concentration, application or consumption options and much more. These are the people who help customers in a dispensary.

They are the salespeople, and they can be the difference between success and failure in the industry. As legal marijuana is relatively new, even people who have been consuming cannabis for years are not all that familiar with the ins and outs of the products. The market is accelerating and adapting to such speed that the most proficient cannabis user could very well get lost and confused at a dispensary.

This is the beauty of a Budtender. They should be able to ease the transition between a world where cannabis was illegal and taboo to one where it is readily available and varied.

Training Budtenders

A dispensary does not simply sell products. They offer a service. They are there to aid people in their cannabis needs. Because this is a service and customer-oriented business, Budtenders need to be experienced in the field. They cannot simply be knowledgeable. They also need to have a desire to work with and help customers.

They will be the face of the business and this, therefore, needs to be given its due consideration. Budtenders need to be knowledgeable on and need to know how to deal with every single one of the following things.  

There are two different types of marijuana consumers

These being patients and customers. A patient is someone who is using marijuana for medical purposes. They are not coming into the store looking for a good time. They are looking for help in treating an ailment that is generally quite severe. The majority of medicinal marijuana users suffer from chronic conditions. They probably have suffered through every treatment option available and have finally turned to marijuana in the hope that they can finally gain some relief from this condition.

These people need to be treated with care and sympathy. They cannot simply be brushed aside. They also may be embarrassed by their condition, so it is important that they can be listened to in a safe, private and judgment-free environment. Perhaps dispensaries could even have a private area where these customers can be tended too.

Regular customers, on the other hand, consume marijuana for recreational purposes. They are looking for a fun experience and will probably not be all that interested in the medicinal properties of different strains.

Budtenders must know the products

These people will be the point of call for customers. They will need to be a wealth of information regarding cannabis products, not simply a splashing pool. They must, therefore, know every detail about every product. They may even need to test the products themselves if they are to provide genuine reviews to the customers.

In Washington, dispensaries are even given testers for the Budtenders for this exact reason. Budtenders should also be familiar with the chemical and physiological effects of cannabis and THC. They need not have a medical degree, but knowledge of the subject will come in handy.

Lastly, they need to be friendly and helpful

In the service industry, these are a given. A surly person dealing with customers will be a wildly unsuccessful salesperson. There may be a fair number of new customers that walk into the dispensary. These people will probably not be all that knowledgeable about cannabis and its related products.

They will need to be guided through the process. Budtenders will need to be able to gather information from their customers without being rude or intrusive. There is a fine line between prying and gathering information. Budtenders must never cross this line. They should be friendly, but this is after all a business and professionalism cannot be left at the door. Qualified and trained Budtenders will prove to be an invaluable asset to any dispensary.   

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