We’re Going to MJBizCon 2022

The MJBiz Conference and Expo 2022 is set to start on November 16-18, 2022. This year’s venue is the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall. The organizers have prepared Pre-Show Forums on November 15, 2022. 


MJBiz is a highly trusted media company that serves the cannabis and hemp sector in the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. This year’s conference’s main stage speaker will be Berner, the Co-founder and CEO of Cookies. 


About the MJBizCon show:


MJBizCon in Las Vegas provides you with a chance to meet with cannabis industry stakeholders and take advantage of opportunities. You will have a chance to connect with more than 35,000 people who have an interest in the cannabis market. 


You will meet with vendors who can help you get ideas to get started and fuel your growth. Learn about the latest projected growth statistics, current regulations, reforms, politics, and everything about cannabis business management. Here is a sneak preview of what to expect at the MJBiz Conference 2022. 

  • Take advantage and create unlimited networks
  • Meet with over 1,400 exhibitors and learn about their products
  • Listen to more than 180 speakers full of insights
  • Walk the length and breadth of the more than 320,000 square feet of the Expo floor
  • Enjoy memorable outdoor experiences
  • Directly meet the vendors you want
  • Expand your cannabis community by connecting with a network of leading executives, starters, and special interest groups


Where to get the information you need during the MJBiz Conference 2022


Organizers of the MJBiz Conference Las Vegas have worked harder to make this year’s event different. The more than 1,400 industry suppliers will be divided into four main categories. Each category will strategically be located in a unique place within the Expo floor to make it easy for you to access the services you want. You will meet new suppliers, find new tech, compare offerings and ask all the questions you have. The MJBiz Conference will have 4 unique pavilions to make your experience unforgettable. 


Business Services Pavillion: This is the place you will see all products and services of the cannabis trade. You will find current technology in the sector, important software, HR and hiring, cannabis consultation, marketing, and security. There will be more to find, such as insurance, equity and investing, accounting, banking, real estate, and all cannabis-specific point of sale.


  • Cultivation products and services: This is a pavilion to find everything to do with seeds, clones, nutrition, fertigation, green housing, lighting, design, and everything that will help you get started with the plant growing. 
  • Retail and Dispensary Pavilion: If your aim for attending the MJBiz Conference 2022 is to learn about delivering cannabis products to customers, this is the pavilion to visit. You will learn every detail about customers’/patients’ needs, the best brands, CBD, high THC products, infused products, and paraphernalia. 
  • Processing, Packaging, and Laboratory Services Pavilion: This is the pavilion to visit if you aim to learn about processing the cannabis plant until it gets to the retailer and dispensaries. Learn about distillation processes, extraction, automation, flavors, laboratory equipment, packaging, and testing. 


There will be more offers, entertainment, and information throughout the MJBiz Conference event days. The Exhibitor Spotlight Theater will be the place to get on-floor education. There will be live sports where you can meet people, have fun, or rehydrate. All these will happen at the ‘The Joint’ and ‘Elevation Lounge.’ 


Who should attend MJBizCon?


The MJBiz Conference is not a lifestyle show. The conference will be full of fun, but it’s prepared for cannabis professionals and people who are ready to engage in the cannabis business. Every year, MJBizCon brings together more than 35,000 executives and staffers in the cannabis industry, all drawn from different parts of the world. They are involved in cannabis cultivation, processing, production, retailing, and seed-to-sale. The conference also attracts entrepreneurs, new investors, inventors and other interest groups. 


About Green Rush Packaging


Green Rush Packaging provides packaging solutions for marijuana and cannabis products for growers, collectives, brands and dispensaries in the USA and abroad. Their product offering includes, but are not limited to, barrier bags, bottles, exit bags, tubes, child-resistant products, glass jars, concentrate containers, and other customizable packaging. 


The company will be exhibiting at the MJBiz Conference Las Vegas. You will find them at the Processing, Packaging, and Laboratory Services Pavilion at booth #8051. One of the most exciting things you don’t want to miss at the Green Rush Packaging booth is the launching of their beverage packaging, sustainable packaging, and extensions of their current product line. 


Some of the key packing products you will find on display are pre-roll packaging, concentrate packaging, sustainable packaging, and all of the industry standards. Make sure you don’t miss a visit to the booth on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Green Rush Packaging will be hosting an open  bar. No matter what stage you are at in your business packaging is something that every company needs.


About MJBizCon


MJBizCon is an annual trade show specifically organized for the cannabis industry. It is one of the largest shows in the world that brings together like-minded people in the cannabis trade market. Attendees come from all major cannabis sectors, such as cultivation, business services, processing, packaging, laboratory services, retail, and dispensary. 


This year’s MJBiz Conference has attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors, who will occupy the entire 320,000 square feet Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. The organizers have invited more than 140 speakers who will provide key information that is influencing the modern cannabis industry. 

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