What is 420?

what is 420

The onset of the 420 marijuana international holiday

420 is a day that brings together thousands of Americans in cities and towns throughout the country. The real 420 meaning in connection with the holiday is April 20. Smokers plan major rallies across the states where weed is legal. Due to its popularity, the holiday is now changing and taking the commercialization direction as more states agree to legalize the plant. 

The public adopted the 420 theory explained by Waldos and began celebrating the day on April 20 every year. More people tried to bring new theories, such as the story “In the Wall of Eryx co-written by H.P. Lovecraft and Kenneth Sterling in 1939. The story explains some queer mirage plants that resembled cannabis. The narrator says they would get him stoned at about 4:20 based on his watch. Although it is one of the oldest texts that link weed with 420, it was not adopted by the public. 

420 meaning has nothing to do with Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan promoted popular culture in America for over 60 years through his crowd-moving music. One of his songs was titled “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35.” One of his fans got stoned as he listened to the song. He discovered that 12 x 35 = 420. The song was produced in 1966, about five years before the Waldos. Nevertheless, his theory was never taken as a true description of what does 420 mean. 

Could 420 mean the actual weed plant?

In another theory about why is 420 associated with weed, some people argue that it means the actual weed plant. In their argument, they say the plant contains over 400 chemical compounds. Unfortunately, no research says the number is 420. This theory was shelved too. 

What about the law or the lawmakers and other theories?

Still, there are arguments that 420 meaning is pegged to the police and legislators. On the police, some argue the law enforcers would use 420 over the radio but on the contrary, the code is for homicide. On the legislators, the California Senate has a bill with the number 420. It is for the medical cannabis bills but not the plant or smoking weed. 

Some other 420-meaning theories revolve around the day that Bob Marley died. Unfortunately, he died on May 11. Some say 420 represents the birthday of Adolf Hitler, but it has nothing to do with smoking weed. Still, some say it is a weed planting day, but of course, you cannot plant weed if it is illegal in your jurisdiction. The true 420 meaning can only be connected with the high school kids in 1971. 

Increasing marijuana legalization is turning 420 into a commercial event

In the beginning, 420 was observed as a counterculture day. People would stage protests against stigmas associated with weed. Legalization undermined this purpose, and commercialization began to take root. After legalization, large companies began to cultivate and market weed. Today, 420 is observed as a day to sensitize people to use weed and gain benefits. 

The countercultural meaning is quickly losing value as more companies join the sector. People will still understand why is 420 associated with weed, but they will lose its true value. Alcohol companies Commercialized St. Patrick’s Day and made it lose its original meaning. Based on the current situation, the same thing will happen to 420.

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