What is PTFE Paper and Why do I Need it for My Dispensary?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a polymer used for prosthetic joints in the surgical field. It works because it has phenomenal non-stick properties. Virtually nothing, not even germs, and bacteria can attach to PTFE. But it is also a polymer that has many other functions. It has been combined with parchment paper and the resulting product is PTFE paper.

The unique properties of this product make it ideal for the storage of cannabis concentrate in a dispensary. It is perfect for storing and packaging the product. The quantity purchased by the end user can be wrapped in PTFE paper to keep it safe. Dispensaries that do high volume sales of cannabis concentrate will find PTFE parchment paper useful.

Typically, it is sold to dispensaries in pre-cut pieces. They make packaging and storing of cannabis concentrate easier. No paper is wasted as it would be if it was on a roll. When a roll is used, there is a tendency to tear off more than is needed, leading to waste.

Pre-cut pieces of PTFE parchment paper help workers pack the correct volume of cannabis concentrate. The parchment paper sheets come in cases containing 1000-2000 sheets. There are 2 sizes. The first is 16” x 24” which is the ‘large’ size. It is a rectangular sheet. The second is 4” x 4” which is the ‘small’ size.  It is a square sheet.

PTFE parchment paper is a clear white paper coated on both sides with a 0.05mm silicone coating. It is food-grade which means it is safe for storing any item for human consumption. Packaging that is not food-grade may present the risk of harm to those who ingest what was stored in it. That’s why it is important to ensure that your dispensary uses a quality product that is safe for users.

PTFE parchment paper is important for cannabis concentrate packaging because the concentrate is sticky and viscous. If cannabis concentrate is incorrectly stored or packaged, you wind up with a messy result and wasted product. This, in turn, eats into your profit margins. It allows you to work faster and more efficiently with the product and minimize waste.

If you use poor quality parchment paper that is not treated with PTFE, the wax layer peels off and gets stuck on the cannabis extract. This ruins its potential for resale. That is why some regular wax baking paper is not regarded as suitable for the storage and packaging of cannabis concentrate.

Why you need to use PTFE parchment paper as part of your dispensary packaging strategy:

  1. It minimizes waste of both the PTFE parchment paper and the cannabis extract.
  2. There is a lot of convenience in using pre-cut sheets which means you can work more productively.
  3. It is one of the least expensive storage and packaging methods for cannabis extract.
  4. PTFE parchment paper is also functional, which means that it does the job required with a minimum of fuss.
  5. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so it cannot harm the customer. It also cannot damage the product for the same reason.
  6. The product cannot seep through PTFE parchment paper.
  7. The carbon footprint of PTFE is minimal as it is biodegradable.
  8. PTFE paper is heat resistant. This means it can protect the cannabis concentrate from a loss of efficacy due to heat exposure.

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