What Will Drugs Be Like A Hundred Years From Now?

laboratory grapefruit experiment. close-up of two researchers in a chemistry lab holding in hands and observing an injected grapefruit. What will Drugs Be Like a Hundred Years From Now

One hundred years from now, the world will be entirely different than the landscape we have now. Will there be flying cars or underwater cities? We don’t know. Today we will discuss what drugs and medication will look like in the future. We’ve already seen a surge of Americans moving away from traditional pills and chemical medication practices to holistic and natural practices, which were called Chinese Medicine in the years past.

The American Medical Association & Holistic Medicine

The American Medical Association has been behind the scenes for centuries making sure insurance and healthcare were roped into a system that didn’t necessarily benefit the patient but benefited the bottom line. And now that system is coming under fire, and in some cases just walked away from. A very intelligent friend of mine has moved her husband and kids out of California, and in the wake of the insurance fiasco which is playing out as we speak, has decided not to even worry about insurance. “It’s crazy, but it is cheaper to pay cash. Do you hear me, America? It’s cheaper in most cases just to pay cash than to go through the insurance carriers. And at first, that scared me. But, now … I’m relieved. Who needs them. They were only out for our money anyway. ”

In many cases, people don’t have the luxury of being able to walk away from their insurance coverage. But, they can decide to utilize holistic medicine. And that’s what it’s being called. Medicine. This new switch in the paradigm of thinking is not as new as you might think. Holistic Medicine has come a long way. Check out these articles below to get a better idea of what it is and how it has evolved into something which is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

  1. The History of Holistic Medicine: Chinese Traditions & Natural Well-being
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine: In Depth
  3. History of Alternative Medicine
  4. Understanding Differences Between Holistic, Alternative, and Complementary Medicine

As We Progress

As we progress cultures and era are adding and stacking upon each other, it seems like we are going to make a turn towards a more botanical experience, where water and earth, fire and water will all be appreciated for their healing and life giving properties. We will see fewer chemicals, less binding ingredients, and more processes which automate the grinding and mulching of certain plants and or herbs. I think that we will gradually move back to pusltaces and packs used by traditional healers. There will still be video cameras and surgical scalpels which utilize the technology we have before us, but I believe that food and blends of pure ingredients will start to become part of the healing process.

And Then The Drugs

You can see with a move towards biological ingredients, we might start to find new ways to smoke, evaporate, exhume, and intake plants, and concentrate the way that the marijuana industry is seeing new devices and tools to intake cannabis. With Shatters, Budders, Exotic Oils, & Concentrate in the form of Marijuana Extracts, the medical marijuana and cannabis industry have found its second wind, and have pushed hard to get the laws to move in their direction. Check out these laws which have changed over the course of time:

  1. Cannabis Laws in Washington
  2. Cannabis Laws in Nevada
  3. Cannabis Laws in New England (Maine & Massachusetts)

{You will undoubtedly find more posts like these on states which are changing laws regarding Cannabis on Green Rush Packaging’s blog.}

Drugs will follow a biological phase, and then a chemical phase, and a time when they are both being utilized. There will be movements back and forth for people to dull their senses and to find ways to make their bodies feel good.  Addiction is something I don’t think we are getting rid of anytime soon. What’s strange is this vast acceptance for alcohol, and yet a concentrated effort to make Cannabis & Hemp taboo. Recently, there have been efforts in the public space, counterculture, and legal efforts to create the space for marijuana to live as a plant, as a holistic medicine, and as a treatment.

Three Certainties Regarding Drugs

According to The Future of Drugs According to @VICE,

When we talk about the future of drugs, there are three certainties that cannot be ignored:

Certainty #1. Until the planet explodes, melts, or drowns, humans will want to get intoxicated.

Certainty #2. People who supply these intoxicants, particularly banned ones, will pocket a load of cash.

Certainty #3. We will be blindsided by a new drug phenomenon, a bolt from the blue, that everyone will pretend they knew was coming.

In 2003, a group of 50 eminent scientists and professors were gathered by the UK government’s Foresight think tank in order to focus their collective brain power on the answer to one question: What will the drug world look like in 2025?

The answer was revealed two years later, in a series of 21 documents. The scientists’ huge crystal ball revealed a Britain in 2025 awash with smart, lifestyle drugs—drugs to help people learn, think, relax, sleep, or simply to forget, a bit like the creepy, hangover-less pleasure drug Soma in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. So far, this prediction is not looking like a bad one; there is already a huge gray market in drugs that enhance performance, image, and mood—and it’s a market that is rapidly expanding.

Death By Fentanyl

One drug which is sweeping the landscape of America is Fentanyl. We are seeing a HUGE uptick and thousands of deaths as a result of this powerful, and tiny drug. The size of a sunflower seed, and able to be sent through the mail in doses which will kill an entire community, this drug is vastly becoming the scariest drug on the market today.  Check out some information on Fentanyl:

  1. Death By Fentanyl The Naked Truth: A Drug You’ve Never Heard of Is Killing Thousands of Americans A Year
  2. Why Fentanyl Is So Much More Deadly Than Heroin

If you have entanglements with Fentanyl, please get help quickly. This drug is not to be trifled with. It is very dangerous by all accounts.


What The D.A.R.E. Program Taught Us

Many of us Boomers or Generation X, Y individuals have found in the D.A.R.E. program is a push to blame marijuana for crime, and structure the use of cannabis as a taboo that society needs to press upon the community and vast population. Even now, there are D.A.R.E. signatures in the front of grocery stores and public pop up tents trying to get funds to the D.A.R.E. program so that it doesn’t fade from the landscape as new laws and perspectives towards cannabis are changing it. We Asked Seven Drug Addicts What They Learned from D.A.R.E. – via @VICE.

Why Was Cannabis Attacked?

Cannabis as a whole was attacked by different organizations and industries, called the Gateway Drug, and demonized over alcohol, which of course is legal in this country since before and after Prohibition.

I suspect that a hundred years from now there will be other programs looking to attach taboo to products which come into conflict with profits they may make from other services or products on the market. So too was the paper industry and the American Medical Association when it comes to Cannabis and hemp. Hemp is truly a versatile product and can be used for so many things, because its fibers are tough, and it can be turned into products like rope and paper. Hemp 101: What Is Hemp, What’s It Used for, and Why Is It Illegal? | @Leafly.

In the Future …

In the future, we will see drugs taking up less space. Holistic Medicine will rise to take over the Wallstreet Drug Profiteers. And life will become chaotic afterward due to greed, and market capitulation. Drugs will become more powerful, and deadlier. Can they become deadlier? We are already starting to see this with Fentanyl, and with powders with thousands overdosing off of a fingernail too much. We will also see things being treated as drugs which are chemicals. For instance, at present, we don’t really consider caffeine, or high fructose corn syrup a drug. We don’t demonize sugar to the degree that we do a schedule 1 narcotic. But times are a changing, and I think we will see the switch, in which taboo will take on substances we can find in the Boomer’s kitchen but have seen thrown out of many millennials’ kitchens.

Natural products will take a much more powerful push, and technology will develop which will help it to become more accessible to all. The same way canning products in aluminum swept the world, you will start to see other trends in how we eat, how we drink, and how we make our bodies feel better than normal. The results will still bring addiction, and over stimulation. But, we will take on these issues as they come. And as our cultures adapt to changing environments and new information, we will stack information upon the last generation and figure out our way, together. And not all of us will be the same. Some will choose wisely, and some will choose unwisely.



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