Why Glass Works Well for Cannabis Packaging

Jars filled with marijuana buds on a wooden surface.

Handling cannabis finished goods needs care to keep them fresh and preserve their odor. Custom cannabis packaging plays an important role in meeting this need. Packaging manufacturers ensure they meet customer preferences and requirements by state laws. Glass has been demonstrated to be a worthy packaging material for the weed sector. 

From glass jars to glass pre-roll jars, and tincture bottles, it is available in a broad range of choices. It is a trending cannabis edible packaging solution that improves the value of the content inside. Many reasons make glass a preferred custom cannabis packaging solution. 

Glass offers an excellent aesthetic appeal and perception

In the cannabis sector, perception plays an important role. It influences how consumers judge the quality of the contents inside and their emotional connection with the product. The intricate packaging designs of glass cannabis containers and their unique shapes evoke emotions of excitement and expectation. Most weed glass packaging solutions offer a luxurious look that enhances the perceived value of the products in the consumer’s mind. 

For instance, when aesthetically appealing cannabis edible packaging is displayed on dispensary shelves, it attracts more customers and enhances sales and customer experience. Glass jars can be customized to enhance their appeal to customers. For instance, users may request custom wraps, labels, lids, and printing. The glass manufacturers can add logos on the glass or cap to give it a sophisticated professional look. 

It preserves cannabis odors keeping aromas intact

In the weed sector, terpenes are the common hydrocarbons that give the products unique aromas such as citrusy, earthy, or woody. It is important to keep the aromas intact for users to benefit from each chemical in cannabis.  Additionally, non-users might not like the smell. 

Users also might not want their products to attract attention when carrying them in public places or their storage due to smell. Manufacturers had to come up with a custom cannabis packaging solution that traps the odors in the packaging and keeps the aromas intact. Luckily, glass jars proved useful and perfectly provided this solution.  They not only preserve the freshness but also weed potency. 

They are built with airtight seals that keep air and moisture from harming the products inside. The key enemy in cannabis storage is oxygen because it triggers decomposition fast and glass packaging keeps it off. It is important to keep the glass full to deny oxygen space in the packaging. 

Glass is long-lasting and versatile in design

Glass is one of the most durable packaging solutions compared to any other type of packaging. Plastic, for instance, fades over time and can melt but glass maintains its color and outlasts most containers. It endures high temperatures and is taken through rigorous cleaning processes but remains resilient. Furthermore, glass can be reused multiple times or redesigned into different packaging such as tincture bottles or pre-roll jars.

Glass does not absorb odors from cannabis which helps maintain its aroma and appearance.  Its versatile design means it can adapt to a variety of different uses, styles, and purposes. Apart from versatility and longevity, Glass is a custom cannabis packaging solution that offers sustainability. It has a lower impact on the environment due to its durability. Its recycling process uses less energy leaving a lesser carbon footprint. 

Glass packaging has been demonstrated to be hygienic

Most cannabis packaging materials are glass or plastic. Scientific tests have proved that plastic is porous but glass is not. Glass does not allow germs, bacteria, or moisture to pass through but instead locks everything outside. This is one of the reasons glass is a popular cannabis edible packaging solution. Glass pre-roll jars keep pre-tools free from contamination by external elements. 

Glass is also non-toxic which means it is free from potentially dangerous compounds to health. Even when stored for long periods, glass does not absorb the chemicals or aromas in cannabis keeping it fresh all the time. Users cannot be concerned their products might get contaminated in cold weather or humid places because glass has proven to be hygienic. 

Glass adheres to cannabis child-resistant laws

Cannabis packaging laws are different in every state but child-resistant packaging is universal across all states. Child-resistant packaging goes beyond a container closure and into the ability of a child to damage the packaging to access the content. For some types of packaging, children can tear, rip, or bite the packaging and access the content inside. 

Glass can be broken but still, it cannot be torn apart or bitten to open. Furthermore, it is built with child-resistant closure to meet all state laws on cannabis packaging child safety. From glass pre-roll tubes to concentrate glass containers or weed glass jars, all glass cannabis packaging materials meet child-resistant laws. 

Cannabis glass jars protect and showcase products

Due to its durability and quality, glass offers excellent cannabis edible packaging solutions. It is also popular for storing flowers and concentrates. They have tight seals that protect the products keeping them fresh. Most cannabis users love glass because it is clear. It showcases the product quantities inside. Using glass means the flower, edibles, or concentrates keep their shape and users can view the bud structure before they decide to buy. 

Branding does not affect the ability of the glass to showcase the products inside. Users can still peek inside and appreciate the beauty of the weed stored in the container. The product can be harmed by UV rays and users should store glass packaging in a dark place. Black glass jars may not allow users to see the content inside but they protect the products from harmful UV rays. 

Glass custom cannabis packaging comes in many shapes and sizes

The size of the glass and the quantity of weed matter when preserving freshness. When there is space in the packaging, it allows oxygen to be trapped inside and trigger decomposition. To meet this need, manufacturers create different sizes of glass packaging. To enhance aesthetics, they create different shapes that meet industry standards. Customers can order

  • Tincture bottles
  • Glass pre-roll jars
  • Glass pre-roll tubes
  • Glass cannabis containers
  • Wide mouth straight sided glass jars
  • Clear black/white glass jars 
  • Black matte/white glass jars

The glasses can display different quantities of cannabis starting from 1g to 7g or more of flower, edible, or concentrate. They are all fully customizable to meet the branding needs of customers.

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