Why Smell Proof Bags?

Black and white resealable pouches for cannabis products from Green Rush Packaging.

Growing, harvesting, processing, selling and consuming recreational and medical cannabis have been approved by many states. To date, a majority of the citizens are yet to embrace the plant and its products.

You can be harassed by people if they notice you are carrying cannabis. You are not also immune from police harassment. The police may want to confirm if your cannabis is legal or illegal. That’s why innovators in the cannabis industry designed smell-proof bags.

They help you carry your favorite cannabis product without having to look over your shoulder to see who’s noticing the smell of your product. Mylar bags are also ideal for long-term food storage and keep your cannabis fresh for long and come with several other advantages.


Smell Proof Bags keep your product fresh

Any stored food is affected by several factors which can lead to spoiling. Some of the factors can be air, moisture, insects and some animals, light and heat. Mylar bags have changed methods of storing food for use in the longer-term.

The bags are not a replacement to the traditional storage methods like gunny bags, buckets and paper bags. Mylar bags have improved food storage by giving them a longer life.

One of the major worries cannabis consumers get is whether the product is fresh because it could have been on the shelves for several months. Like any other food, cannabis can be infected with aflatoxins and other substances that accelerate decomposition.

Sometimes the product will look and smell fresh, but once consumed, it can lead to food poisoning, which is a dangerous health condition. Cannabis manufacturers try their best to deliver their products the soonest possible after processing and packaging. However, it might take the consumer several days before they go for their order in the dispensary.

The Mylar barrier bags seal off agents that accelerate the food rotting rate. The bags do not allow air to penetrate inside and seals off all forms of moisture. Once sealed, light can no longer penetrate through and the inside of the bag remains cool all the time.

This is a big advantage to you as the consumer because it doesn’t matter how long you take before you visit your local cannabis dispensary. You will always get your products fresh no matter the season, time of the day or geographic location. When the product is fresh, it is proving that it has not been contaminated by air, moisture, heat or light.


Mylar bags are smell proof

With the legalization of cannabis, you no longer need to worry about carrying your packet of cannabis in town or the suburbs. But, two things can worry you, though. Not all cannabis is legal and not everyone will appreciate you because of your boldness to carry your packet of cannabis.

Legal cannabis is the one that is grown and processed by licensed growers who follow the strict laid down rules. It has the license number on every packet and the name of the grower/processor. The license is issued by the state government.

Any cannabis product that bears no license number will be deemed illegal. The police will have a right to inspect your cannabis to confirm if it’s legal or illegal. Unless they are over curious, one of the ways they will know you are carrying cannabis is the smell.

On the other hand, a majority of the general public does not approve of the use of cannabis. Their disapproval might be none of your business, but remember, people live in societies and families. You have a right to consume your product, but you also want to maintain your relationships.

The two worries might seem too much for you, but thanks to the smell proof CR bags. The bags tightly seal the contents inside and contain the smell such that no one will ever notice what kind of product you are carrying unless you show it to them.

The dispensaries love the smell proof bags because the environment around their dispensaries is kept fresh and no one in the next store will ever complain of cannabis smell. Whether you board a public bus, enter a mall or a crowded stadium, you will never hear or see someone covering their nose to avoid the smell.

The Mylar bags are smell-proof, making this cannabis package ideal for all types of marijuana products like flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles. Many more people benefit from the smell barrier bags.

The distributors drive across the states delivering cannabis products to the many dispensaries in the various locations. What people notice are the labels but the delivery vehicles remain fresh. The warehouses also remain smell-free and as mentioned earlier, the dispensaries also enjoy the benefits, including the end consumer.


Smell Prof Bags are the number one packaging for gummies

CBD gummies are a favorite even to non-cannabis consumers. Your main worry about your CBD gummies might be the exposure to air, light and heat. If your CBD gummies are properly packaged, they will not degrade or become contaminated easily. Oxygen is the number one degrading factor to cannabis gummies.

The Mylar smell-proof bags are also used as barrier bags against moisture, air, heat and light. Their seals are airtight, meaning your gummy will stay in the quality it was during packaging and will not degrade.

The barrier bags have a heat seal which keeps off heat in the bags keeping your gummy cool and fresh. The moisture barrier ensures no water contaminates your gummy. Moisture may carry catalyst organisms that speed the degrading process of your gummies.

Cannabis processors are innovative and they’ve been using CR waterproof bags to package your CBD gummies. They remain fresh, just the same way they were during the packaging process. Even if you bought them several weeks after they were packaged, they would still be as fresh as if they were packaged the same day.

One of the reasons why many people buy CBD gummies is because they are always fresh. What they are not aware of is that what helps them stay fresh is the barrier-proof packaging and the Mylar bags. These smell proof bags are made to provide this solution.

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