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Why You Should Have Complimentary Packaging?

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Customers make impulsive buying decisions and packaging is a major influencing factor in the decisions made. The design, texture, and scent have a significant impact on customer buying decisions. Cannabis product producers invest a lot of capital to create impressive products. After production, the next steps the producer takes matter. 

The kind of packaging that holds the products counts a lot in the success of selling. Customized boxes for cannabis packaging are important for brands to increase shelf life, sales, and buying decisions. Here is an ultimate custom box guide with all the information you need for creating and producing a complementary package that meets customer needs and increases sales.  

Benefits of complementary packaging in the cannabis market

When you own a cannabis business, your desire is for it to be successful and grow in profits. You need different processes to make this happen and one of them is complimentary packaging. It affects the success of your product line and benefits your brand in different ways. 

Boosts sales

Packaging that appeals to the eye influences customer buying decisions. Your products need to be packaged in a box with a smart design, form, and function. It gives consumers a positive perception of your brand and due to this, you can even fix a higher price for your products. 

The custom complimentary package allows you to design the exact way you want it to look. You can create a box to match your brand persona and impress your target market. Retailers and dispensaries will want to stock more of your products which boosts sales. 

Show more branding

Custom packaging is beneficial in branding and product marketing. It influences customer behavior and delivers brand messaging that affects perception. Branded packaging enhances the identity and consistency of your brand. Your brand might be present in all digital channels. However, a complementary package serves as an extension of that presence. It amplifies your branding so that it is seen more by consumers. 

Provides better product presentation

Packaging your products in unbranded boxes makes them look unpresentable and unattractive. When you pack them in a complimentary package, you create a way to impress customers. What the eyes see is important and you should use every opportunity to make it impressive through packaging branding.


They are paper boxes that can be recycled

Recycling helps reduce waste production and improves the environment. Customers are more sensitive and might prefer eco-friendly packaging. Custom boxes for cannabis packaging are made of paper which can be recycled. 

Types of the custom box for cannabis packaging

There are many types of custom box packaging but choosing the right producer can help you get better value. After ordering your box, there are different ways to add its value. 

Cardboard (corrugated) boxes

Corrugated boxes are best when you need a complimentary package for shipping products to your customers. The boxes offer limited printing options but you have several options such as:

  • Lamination: Offer you higher quality and a wider range of printing options. Lamination involves the application of a thin film printed in full color and then cut into shape. 
  • Digital printing: Digital printing is a good option for smaller quantities of about 1 to 250 pieces. 
  • Die cutting: Die cutting is a highly cost-effective option. First, the box is printed in single color using printing plates although you can order printing in two colors. The boxes are then die-cut into your desired shape. 

Rigid (Set-up) boxes

Rigid boxes contain thick walls to make them super strong. They are best for the more costly products. They are popular and have a wide range of printing options. They can be embossed, debossed, foil stamped, cold foiled, or finished with UV gloss or varnish. They are best for a child-resistant complimentary package. 

Folding cartons

In the cannabis sector, folding boxes are the most popular because they are lightweight. They offer printing options such as:

  • Spot UV with gloss effects
  • Varnish printing to add an extra layer
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Pantone color matching
  • Cold foiling/foil stamping


Points to consider when deciding on a custom box cannabis packaging solution

To create complimentary packaging that positively impacts your brand, you need to walk through the right design and decision-making process. 

Consider all the packaging options you have

To offer each customer an impressive complementary package, understand the customization options you have. To get the options right, try and answer questions such as:

  • What information do I want to share?
  • Who will I share it with?
  • What values does my company have?
  • What product information will my packaging reveal?
  • Does the packaging make my brand stand out?

Print your design and use it

You might want to get samples before you settle on a design. It helps you ensure your decision and design was right. Ensure it meets complimentary package goals such as:

  • It gets the right attention in different places
  • It offers inspiration and creates an emotional connection with the product
  • It gives a consistent impact at different times of the day

Present your packaging to potential sellers

It is important to get feedback from retailers to understand if your packaging serves the right purpose in the market. Target all retailers and dispensaries and then act on the feedback you get. Ensure you get the following answers.

  • The packaging fits your target market
  • Consumers understand what you are marketing
  • Available opportunities for consumer education

Other important considerations to make

There are several other considerations to make during the process of picking your perfect custom box cannabis complimentary packaging. 

What purpose will the complimentary serve: It should impress customers, preserve the products from damage, and keep them fresh. 

Target market: The packaging must meet the needs of your target market

Customization cost: The cost of your complimentary package can affect the cost of your cannabis products. Make sure the cost is right. 

Prevailing laws: Read and understand all current cannabis packaging printing, design, and labeling laws in your jurisdiction. 

Options: Options include points such as packaging uniqueness, affordability, adaptability, and functionality. Consider customizations such as embellishments, stickers, and inserts to create impressive and functional elements. You might also consider eco-friendly packaging.

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