Tennessee Introduces 2022 Cannabis Bill

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In the US, more states are starting to look into adjusting their cannabis laws that ban marijuana. The endorsement that cannabis products and marijuana flowers have received from medical professionals is strong-arming officials into revising current regulations. Tennessee is one of the states looking into reviewing the current regulations as there is a new 2022 cannabis bill on the table. Here is all you need to know about the 2022 cannabis bill that could change this market in Tennessee.

  1. B. 1634 aims to legalize medical marijuana

In 2022, a new legislative bill is brewing that could make the trade of medical marijuana a bit more relaxed and legal for the most part. Lawmaker Bruce Griffey has introduced the H. B. 1634 bill that poses three crucial questions aimed at fully legalizing medical marijuana. The question “is medical marijuana legal in Tennessee?” is a bit of a gray area because there are some restrictions that are an inconvenience to users. The first question addresses the matter of whether or not the State of Tennessee should fully legalize medical marijuana by relaxing some restrictions.

This question will be crucial in further arguments that might be raised by opposition parties. The second question asks if the State of Tennessee should decriminalize the possession of marijuana less than one ounce in size. Lastly, the third question is should Tennessee legalize and regulate commercial sales of recreational-use marijuana. This bill was introduced by Griffey early in July 2021 for the matter to be put to the ballot in 2022.

Current barriers in possession of medical marijuana

You might be asking yourself, “is marijuana legal in Tennessee?” Currently, in the State of Tennessee, there are some strict restrictions regarding the possession of medical marijuana that seem rather inconvenient at times. To be able to use medical marijuana, you have to be prescribed and have a card that proves this fact. At the same time, the quantity of marijuana you can possess at a time is limited to under 1oz. 

These barriers are very inconvenient because some people might need to use marijuana to recover after a surgical procedure or severe injury. Some conditions like panic attacks can be a little bit hard to get a prescription for, which might lead to the condition being untreated. Also, getting a prescription is hanging on the balance of you finding a doctor that is willing to prescribe cannabis products.

How Tennessee voters feel about medical marijuana

A significant number of experts on this matter have commented and said the legalization of medical marijuana should be a no-brainer. The reasons why the TN marijuana legalization matter has dragged on for this long and faced some opposition are purely based on political reasons. Public opinion of this matter has changed significantly since when marijuana was viewed as an inappropriate addictive drug. 

Recent medical research and revelations made to the public about the usefulness of marijuana have changed the perception of Tennessee voters. If this vote was to be cast to the general public voters, medical marijuana would most likely be legal. The popular opinion about marijuana has been influenced greatly by the success stories of patients using medical cannabis to recover. Also, with the alert level of using non-organic medical solutions, Tennessee voters would like to have options regarding their healthcare.

  1. B. 1634 aims to decriminalize marijuana possession under 1oz

Some may wonder, “did Tennessee legalize marijuana?”. The truth is it is legal but with very inconveniencing restrictions. One of the main objectives of H. B. 1634 is to decriminalize the minimum possession amount of cannabis. Currently, this restriction can be problematic financially for patients suffering from illnesses that are alleviated by marijuana. If you are only limited to be in possession of weed under 1oz, the price to purchase the weed will likely be higher. 

On the other hand, if users were allowed to purchase a little more, they could qualify for certain discounted prices. Additionally, the basis of this regulation is not as solid as the reasons to amend it to be more friendly for medical marijuana users. The reason why this regulation is in effect is that the state government of Tennessee believes anything above 1oz would warrant intent to sell. 

  1. B. 1634 aims to regulate the commercial sale of marijuana

One of the questions posed to the legislative board of the State of Tennessee probes into the possibility of legalizing the commercial sale of marijuana. The commercial sale of cannabis would not restrict the customers to individuals with a medical card only. Instead, this would open the door for hobbyists and recreational cannabis users. The new TN marijuana bill is projected to be voted on during 2022 is aimed at trying to open that opportunity but with some restrictions imposed. 

The aim would be to regulate the commercial sale of marijuana in a way that gives the regulatory boards oversight over this market. Commercializing the marijuana market could open up some great benefits for the state at large and individual dispensary owners. If the H. B. 1634 passes, this could mean the commercial sale of marijuana is a step closer, and recreational users might be able to use cannabis as well.

Benefits of commercial sale of marijuana

The commercial sale of marijuana will come bearing some major benefits for the economic hub of Tennessee. Cannabis has been proven to be a very successful sector that can pay taxes when properly regulated. As a result, marijuana sale taxes can be used to contribute to important budgets the city has in the pipeline. 

Not to mention the profit that would be directed towards dispensaries with improved profit margins due to higher volumes of customers. Undoubtedly, this sector can also indirectly and directly create employment for the population of Tennessee. The legalization of marijuana can have a lot of economic benefits to the state at large and the constituents of Tennessee.

The bottom line

Tennessee’s marijuana regulations might get updated in 2022 to accommodate a free economy within the cannabis market. At the same time, more relaxed restrictions within the cannabis market can contribute to better healthcare using marijuana products. The potential benefits of this bill are far too great than the cons thereof, especially if the regulations of marijuana use will allow complete oversight from the state government.

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