Cannabis Concentrate Tinctures Bottles

Amber glass bottle with cannabis tincture dropper and marijuana buds in background.

Tinctures contain higher THC levels extracted from different parts of the weed plant. There are different ways how to make cannabis tincture with concentrate. They are mainly extracted by absorbing CBD, THC, and other compounds into high-proof alcohol and then strained out of the ingredients. 

Due to their high level of THC, they quickly get absorbed into the blood system within 10 to 15 minutes. Concentrate tincture bottles are used to keep the products fresh and provide them with a higher shelf life.   The bottles are available in different sizes ranging from 10 ml to 50 ml. They are also available in different colors and can be customized to meet the needs of your brand and market. 


Advantages of using cannabis tincture bottles


Tincture bottles are ideal for storing concentrates. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. They are created to keep cannabis products fresh and with longer life. The bottles come with a variety of advantages. 

  • They are small and require less space. When used for packaging, retailers can store a large amount of products in a smaller space. 
  • They add the shelf life of concentrates. Tincture from concentrate requires it to be kept fresh. The bottles not only keep it fresh but also add to its shelf life. 
  • They are recyclable. The bottles can be used multiple times which saves cost. 

There is a common belief around the number 710 in the cannabis market. Written as 710 or 7/10, the number is regarded as a holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, and concentrates. One of the roots of the belief is that 710 spells OIL when turned upside down. This is the word that describes highly concentrated marijuana products such as shatter, resin, hash oil, and wax. The day is celebrated annually on July 10th or 7/10 around the world where weed is legal. 


Ways to recycle cannabis tincture bottles


Regular users of cannabis concentrate do not need to buy new bottles all the time. It helps keep the environment clean and saves money. After the first purchase of tincture from concentrate, users can re-use the bottle several times. 

  • Blend CBD oil on your own. It is cost-effective to make tincture from concentrate on your own and use the same bottle for storage.
  • Use it to store other homemade products.  You can reuse your bottles by storing other products such as sanitizers and vanilla extracts.
  • Give someone. If you have no use for them, give them out instead of throwing them away.
  • Put flowers in them. You can use them as vases for displaying your flowers.  


Range of tincture bottle sizes available


Cannabis tincture bottles are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. They are made of glass to ensure they are strong and offer a wide range of customizations. The Green Rush Packaging tincture from concentrate bottles is available in four different packaging sizes. You can order the:

  • GRP TB10 ml. Dimensions – 25 mm diameter x 82 mm height
  • GRP TB 15 ml. Dimensions – 28 mm diameter x 88 mm height
  • GRP TB 30 ml. Dimensions – 33 mm diameter x 102 mm height
  • GRP TB 50 ml. Dimensions – 38 mm diameter x 116 mm height

The bottles are available in translucent, amber, blue, clear, and green colors. You can also order opaque matte black or matte white. Their finishes are either gloss or matte. They are all made from either glass + PP, PE, Silicon, or Glass. They are best for packaging concentrates from oils or liquids. The stock case quantity for each is 240. 

Tincture bottles are excellent for carrying concentrates due to their small size. They have a bulb-style dropper that allows users to control the amount of drops and sizes they want to consume. The droppers are child-resistant and safe for storing products. They are tamper-proof and provide a broad range of highly customizable order options. They are manufactured in an ISO 9004 and GMP-certified environment.  Tincture bottles with a tamper-evident ring are sold through sales reps here.


Cannabis tincture bottles customizations

Each cannabis brand can choose different ways to customize tincture.  Your brand can choose to do semi-custom, full-custom, or labeling options. Based on branding needs, you have options for opaque or translucent bottles. The type of bottle color that you choose determines the type of embellishments that you can do.

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