Why Should You Use Tinctures for CBD?

A tincture is a type of medical solution made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol. Most CBD tinctures are usually available in ½-ounce tincture bottles with a dropper for easy and convenient dosing. The percentage strength of most CBD tincture products is between 10% and 25% CBD. This is a more potent concentration compared to most marijuana strains.

Benefits of using tinctures

The uses of CBD tinctures vary as you can use them to find relief for different conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and more. Many also use CBD tinctures for general wellness. Using a marijuana tincture is one of the oldest ways of concentrating plant compounds into medicine. If you’re thinking about buying tincture bottles for yourself, some of the benefits to look forward to include:

Easy dosing

Since you can control how much you dispense using a dropper, tinctures allow you to use the right dosage. Concentrates, baked goods, and flowers are generally more difficult to dose because you cannot administer them this way.

You can determine your minimum effective dose

Tinctures offer you an excellent way to discover your minimum effective dose. This is the smallest amount of cannabis effective enough to manage your condition. Learning this will save you money, lower your tolerance for cannabis, help you choose other products with the right potency, and can lead to more effective treatment.

Discreet application

Consuming tinctures under your tongue directly, then holding the liquid for a certain amount of time ensures that the CBD will get absorbed into your bloodstream directly through your sublingual artery. This administration is also preferred by those looking for a more discreet way of consuming cannabis, without the smell created by vaping or smoking. 

Low in calories

Compared to edibles, tinctures contain fewer calories. This is a great benefit for those who try to manage their weight. For instance, a tincture made with 140-proof alcohol is only 7 calories/mL while most baked CBD goods contain approximately 100 to 200 calories.

Flexibility and long shelf-life

Tinctures will last for many years if you store them properly. You can also add them to different foods and beverages like smoothies, juices, sauces, soups, and more. Just make sure to keep the tincture bottle tightly capped to prevent it from evaporating.

Difference between CBD oils and tinctures bottles

A CBD oil tincture and a CBD oil aren’t the same things. To help you determine what you need, remember these points about CBD tincture vs. oil:

  • A tincture is a highly concentrated herbal extract of CBD that is more easily absorbed by the body and acts more quickly too. When taking this, start with a few drops at a time.
  • Manufacturers make tinctures by soaking cannabis in a liquid (usually alcohol) then stored in bottles with a dropper.
  • Herbal tinctures are traditionally made by steeping plant material in alcohol for a number of weeks.
  • You can also make tinctures by steeping hemp in other substances like plant-based oil.
  • Highly concentrated CBDs may include sweeteners and other ingredients, resulting in a product that may or may not contain alcohol. Either way, they aren’t as potent as THC tincture.

As for CBD oil, the features are:

  • CBD comes from CBD extracted through a different process. It’s then added to an oil carrier agent like sesame oil, MCT oil, or olive oil derived from natural ingredients too.
  • You can use tinctures to deliver CBD oil.

Final words

Most tinctures are alcohol-based. These are excellent entry points for both recreational and medical consumers looking for a smokeless and discrete consumption method. The great thing about consuming tinctures is that they’re easy to measure in terms of dosing. New users can start with just 1mL applied under their tongue. This method is commonly known as taking tinctures sublingually and you can feel the effects within the hour.

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